Autograph Signed Letter

Signée (1/6)

  • Eugène Godin Autograph Letter Signed To Asselineau, January 26th
  • Ferdinand De Lesseps Autographed Letter Signed Related To China (1885)
  • Roger Martin Du Gard Signed Autograph Letter, Belleme 1925
  • Roger Martin Du Gard Signed Autographed Letter, Bellême Orne, 1925
  • Franz Liszt Autographed Letter Signed To Painter Henri Lehmann / Goethe
  • Alexandre Dumas Jr. Autographed Letter To Joseph Primoli, 1879
  • Maurice Chevalier Autographed Letter Signed To Madame Rittche, 1955
  • L. A. S Georges Clemenceau (1841-1929) Autographed Letter Signed To André Tardieu
  • Jerzy Kosinski Typed Letter & Autographed Signed To John Barkham, 1982
  • King Philip Ii Signed Letter To His Brother Octave Farnese Justice