Autograph Signed Letter

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  • Duponchel Henri Signed Autograph Letter, Royal Academy Of Music, Paris, 1837
  • Raoul Ubac Autograph Letter Signed To Pierre Lecuire Dated February 27, 1973
  • Gustave Caillebotte Autographed Letter To Claude Monet About His Painting
  • Jean Couty Signed Autograph Letter To Jacques Lassaigne
  • André Strauss Painter Signed Autograph Letter The Giraffe Stable 1932
  • Adrien Tournachon, Known As Nadar Young, Handwritten Signed Letter To A. J. Lorentz
  • Pinchon Joseph Signed Autograph Letter, National Theater Opera, To Louis Robin
  • Paola MariÉ, Lyric Artist Signed Autograph Letter
  • Paul Chabas Signed Autograph Letter For A Bust Of Blasco Ibáñez, 1933
  • Paul Chabas Signed Autographed Letter, 1932