Autograph Signed Letter

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  • Pierre Mac Orlan Signed Autograph Letter Addressed To Edouard Champion 1927
  • Edgar Degas Long Autograph Letter Signed 4 Pages About His Sister
  • Robert Planquette, Composer Autography Letter Signed To Mr De Forces, 1886
  • Franz Liszt Exceptional Autograph Letter Signed To Schlesinger. 1838 Unpublished
  • Francis Carco Autography Letter Signed On An Illustrated Poem, 1912
  • Sacha Guitry Autograph Letter Signed Humorist. Guitry Changes Fridge
  • 1812. Empire. Napoleon. Signed Autograph Letter. Pierre-françois Réal. Text+++
  • Autograph Letter Signed Georges Courteline, Novelist & Playwright Circa 1920
  • Jean Cocteau Manuscript & Autograph Letter Signed / Patmos / Tb Text
  • Henri Büsser, Organist, Autographical Letter Signed, 1908