Autograph Signed Letter

France (1/8)

  • Horace Sebastiani Signed Autograph Letter. France & The Take Of Algiers / Corse
  • Mendes France Pierre, Statesman. Typed Letter Signed (g 4968)
  • Henri Ii King Of France Letter Signed Crussol & War Against England 1549
  • Louis Xiv. King Of France. Letter Signed (secretary), 1697 (ref. G 5448)
  • Henri Iii King Of France Signed Letter Calvinist Armed Junction
  • Annulment Of Military Agreements Y A T I L A Risk D Accrosage Between Mali And France
  • Anatole France Signed Autograph Letter
  • Colbert Signed Autograph Letter Intendant Finance Louis Xiv King Of France 1674
  • Louis Xv, King Of France Letter Signee 12 April 1731
  • Louis Xiv King Of France Letter Signed To His Son The Duke Of Maine 1704