Autograph Signed Letter

Time Period > 19th Century (1/2)

  • Robert Planquette, Signed Autograph Letter, Commitment For The Music Of Surcouf, 1887
  • Arsène De Cey Signed Autograph Letter New Play In Two Acts 2 Pages
  • Louise Read Signed Autograph Letter Of 3 Pages, 1895
  • Camille Mauclair Autographed Letter Signed To Octave Uzanne In Grasse.
  • Adrien Tournachon, Known As Nadar Young, Handwritten Signed Letter To A. J. Lorentz
  • Paola MariÉ, Lyric Artist Signed Autograph Letter
  • Elisa De Lamartine Autographed Signed Letter, 2 Pages
  • Alexandre Dumas Son Autographed Letter Signed Beautiful Volume Of Tales 3 Pages
  • Ernest Boïeldieu 5 Autographed Letters Signed To Heugel, 1873
  • Napoleon Jerome Bonaparte Autographed Letter Signed To His Sister Mathilde