Autograph Signed Letter

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  • Henri Martin, Painter, Signed Autograph Letter, 1773
  • Adolphe Thiers Autographed Letter Signed To A General Of The Army, 1846
  • Adolphe-françois-lucien Tardif Signed Autograph Letter, 1876, Marseille
  • Carolus-duran Signed Autograph Letter On Her Portrait Of A Girl 1890
  • Horace Sebastiani Signed Autograph Letter. France & The Take Of Algiers / Corse
  • Jules Michelet- Autography Letter Signed For Jean-marie Dargaud, 1833
  • Mathilde Bonaparte, Princess Autography Letter Signed Invitation
  • Brown-sequard Signed Autograph Letter Do Not Age Before Time 1890
  • Renan Ernest Letter Autography Signed To François-marie Luzel, Paris, 1890
  • Alphonse De Lamartine Belle Letter Autograph Signee De 3 Pages