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Song With Greyval Editions More Than 110 Autograph Letters Signed 1933-1948

Song With Greyval Editions More Than 110 Autograph Letters Signed 1933-1948
Song With Greyval Editions More Than 110 Autograph Letters Signed 1933-1948
Song With Greyval Editions More Than 110 Autograph Letters Signed 1933-1948

Song With Greyval Editions More Than 110 Autograph Letters Signed 1933-1948    Song With Greyval Editions More Than 110 Autograph Letters Signed 1933-1948
Interesting correspondence (more than 110 letters) addressed to the Greekval editions between 1933 and 1948. Engaged socially, marguerite greyval was what was called a "death" going into cabarets and popular demonstrations, declaiming poems and prose text.

She collaborated in the demonstrations of the "red muse" (a revolutionary chanting society) and led her publishing house until her death, which was located in Brady. The correspondence presented is mainly after the death of its founder; it is addressed to renée duclos de neubourg, director of publishing (or to her husband). She took "fortunately" (as indicated in a 1938 press article on the singer Simone via the reference in the correspondence) the sequel to madeleine greyval. An interesting match to at least two titles.

It allows us to study the catalogue of this publishing house. Letters are requests to send songs and texts. On the other hand, it gives a panorama of the world of song and music, whether it be professional musicians (a number of names are known and referenced) and probably amateurs. Marcel vial, actor, theatrical fantasies: autograph letter, 1937, with header. Comedian, 1 signed autograph letter, 1934 and 1 signed letter, 1936.

Artist, singer, signed autograph letter, cane casino, 1936. Artist, two signed autograph letters, no date. Comic troupier, signed autograph letter, 1936. Singer performer, "le gai troupier", autographed letter signed, 1936. Singer, signed autograph letter, 1936.

Violinist, letter of his impresario, with header, 1934. Composer, signed autograph letter, no date. Lyric artist, signed letter, 1934. Letter signed, 1936, header "the galas of dance". Cantatrice, signed autograph letter, 1936. Ballet choreographer, drawing and signature.

Comedian, signed autograph letter, 1936. Composer, signed autograph letter, 1938. Lyric artist, signed autograph letter, 1939. "singer of charm", 2 autograph letters signed, 1939. Theatre of the arts, calais, signed letter, 1934.

Singer performer, signed autograph letter, 1934. Artist, betting hotel, signed autograph letter, 1934.

Author, songwriter, signed autograph letter, 1934. Accordionist, signed autograph letter, heading, 1936.

Orchestra conductor, orchestra melody, signed autograph letter, 1934. Composer, alger, signed autograph letter, 1934. Composer, letter tapuscrite, tunis, and 1 printed. Fantasy singer, signed autograph letter, 1935. Singer performer, signed letter, 1935. Lyric artist, signed autograph letter, 1935. Madame georges dorleans had to. Lyric artist, signed letter, 1935.

Singer of genre, signed autograph letter, 1934. Jazz musician, "normandy jazz brest", 1934. Casino betting, signed letter, 1934.

Singer, with madeleine finidori, printed program. Norac, 2 autograph letters signed with header, 1941, 1942. Gaston royer, 5 autograph letters signed, 1939 and 1940. Frak, 2 signed autograph business cards, 1945.

Albert Pavard, composer, signed letter, 1941. René martin, dramatic author, songwriter, autographed letter signed, 1939.

Auguste canniccioni, signed autograph letter, 1939. Yvon bertyl, actor, singer, 2 autograph letters signed, 1946. Perin, songwriter, signed autograph letter, 1948. Alexis alex, actor, signed autograph letter, 1943.

Gabrille (gaby) dorley, singer, soprano, signed autograph letter, 1945. André serval, Québec, actor, 1 unsigned printed letter, 1946, 1 signed letter, 1946. Knutange (moselle), autograph letter signed 1946. Lisy, fanciful teller, signed autograph card, 1936.

Amateur artist (of pezenas), signed autograph letter, 2 signed autograph letters. Jane levarlet, signed autograph letter, 1945. Marguerite had to, signed autograph letter, without date. Alex padou, author composer, autographed letter signed, 1944. Relandeau, 2 signed autograph letters, 1945.

Geo dorval, fanciful singer, 2 autograph letters signed, 1945. Orchestra conductor, autograph business card, 1942. Arthur allan, author, signed autograph letter, 1943. Signed autograph letter, no date. Louis chausfoin, signed letter, 1943. Yvonne mangis, actress, autograph letter signed 1942. Bride of Charles de Bussy, writer, autograph letter signed 1943.

Cécile thevenet (giffault), singer, signed autograph letter, 1941. Pola perody, singer, 1 signed autograph letter and a printed repertoire, 1941. Pastor, artist, signed autograph letter, 1940. Marcel equesteaux, pianist, autograph letters signed, 1940. Jane gringoire, parolière, signed autograph letter, 1941.

Mad letty, fanciful, signed autograph letter, 1941. Albert pvard, 1 signed autograph letter and 1 signed letter, 1941 and 1942.

Heuschel, head of music, autograph letter signed head of departmental federation of tarn and garonne musical societies, 1948. Alex padou, author composer, signed autograph letter, 1951. Noël rouge, journalist at the republic, 1949. Geo bonnet, parolier, signed autograph card, no date. François bernard, accordionist, signed autograph letter, 1948. Maurice drevet, pianist, signed autograph business card. Salomon schmazman, owner of the "film jewel" autograph business card.

1 signed letter to "perfectaphone" header, 1928. 1 letter signed with header "pathè frères" (the letter is cut but the undecrypted signature is visible), 1933.

And 6 autograph letters, one with header "the betting song" 1933, one with header "the free commune of montmartre (without date). Official Gazette of the Raged Cow Cabaret". Marcelle Huet, 1 signed autograph letter, 1955? Magnac, music engraving, signed autograph letter, 1946, combronde. Marcel labouly, signed autograph letter, 1947, sevran. Craynac, signed autograph letter, 1940. Paddy, jazz conductor, signed autograph letter, 1940. Robert ducatillon, autograph letter signed, 1942, dechy. Madeleine lachance, Quebec, signed autograph letter, 1946.

Simone viala, singer, autographed letter signed, 1944. Caesar Segers, 7 signed autograph letter, 1946, recquignies. Germaine ganiayre, signed autograph letter, 1945.

Filleul (diamand), autograph business card, 1935. Laigneau, inter-aide parish Saint-bertrand, le mans, 1951. Gael pinot, signed autograph letter, 1948. Jean zilliox, signed autograph letter, 1939. René grendrel, signed autograph letter, 1939. Caron, signed autograph letter, 1939. Jean Goumain, signed autograph letter, 1946. Lumel, the harbour, signed autograph letter, 1945.

Feni é, singer, signed autograph letter, 1945. Robert lepelletier, conductor, signed autograph letter, 1945. Robert delahaigue, accordionist, signed autograph letter, no date.

Bouyer, conductor, signed autograph letter, 1942. Yvonne will be proud, singer, autographed letter signed, 1942. Emile bottini, signed autograph letter, 1940.

Larre, signed autograph letter, 1940. Jarlier, signed autograph letter, 1949. La palma, autograph letter signed, 1947, marseille. Gabriel courtois, signed autograph letter, 1942.

Simone frechier, 2 autograph letters signed, 1943, cork, angler (belgic). It is attached 8 unidentified letters and 2 tapuscrites letters with tapuscrites signatures. The item "chanson à éditions greyval more than 110 autograph letters signed 1933-1948" has been on sale since Wednesday 14 July 2021. It is in the category "collections\letters, old papers\letters". The seller is "christophe6584" and is located at/in bets. This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.
Song With Greyval Editions More Than 110 Autograph Letters Signed 1933-1948    Song With Greyval Editions More Than 110 Autograph Letters Signed 1933-1948