Autograph Signed Letter

Boris Vian Signed Autograph Letter To Roger Vincent. Music

Boris Vian Signed Autograph Letter To Roger Vincent. Music
Boris Vian Signed Autograph Letter To Roger Vincent. Music

Boris Vian Signed Autograph Letter To Roger Vincent. Music   Boris Vian Signed Autograph Letter To Roger Vincent. Music

For many years, the autograph library has specialized in the sale of autograph letters and manuscripts. Signed autograph letter to roger vincent. Two pages in-4° on tiled paper. Two binder holes on the margin.

Very interesting document from vian wishing to reorganize the music critique. I return to you enclosed -1 the completed questionnaire -2 a check of f 500 (my contribution 49) -3 a small note that you can read, destroy or bury, ad libitum (but it will hurt me). Note: the critical disk service may no longer be a burden for record editors if one tries to address the problem from a different angle. The criticism of discs as it is made results in a more or less regular chronicle. This chronicle should almost guide the buyer.

In our view, it should above all guide the store. A conscientious bookseller generally relies on the library of the france.

C on his own readings to order books. A conscientious disk should be based on a monthly discography (to be created). C on his own audition impression to order records.

One or the other can also be based on customer requests, but this is still a complementary activity and is the result of the hearing of the discs on the radio by the customers in question. 2 of the reading that clients have been able to make published reviews. Outline of an ideal diet.

Ledger prepares a disc or a disc. He submits his ordeals or major criticisms.

Before the release of the disc the reviews appear (in a bulletin equivalent to the biblio but more sophisticated) and allow the disc to be guided. At the same time that the disc comes out it is accompanied to the catalog by extracts of press that the association automatically provides to the publishers. It is understood that this is a limit regime, ideal for the association - to be arranged according to the objections that lon can make: the case of fashionable songs, recorded anyway.

It is up to the association to establish an honest, objective, scrupulous and qualified critique. In no case should the control of the association on the records become a censorship like cinematic censorship. There may be "out-of-critical" discs, etc. For example, a disc is perceived on the buyer's gravitational who doesn't want to pay 1f more or less for a 250-ball disc average price. The approval of a disc by the association should become a quality label similar to lestampille nf.

Atg of the technical association of gas and lafnor. The association would have its monthly discography, addressed to all the records, and that would be famous.

We would become great characters instead of being tolerable scumbags. It is also obvious that all this should be complemented by action with French broadcasting to obtain regular programs from the association where its members would take over, a program divided into sections: great classical music, modern music, light music, dance and cabaret, song, jazz, etc. Note that there are already broadcasts of this order and that there is no question of deleting them (such as panigel or delaunay) but to relax to the association the benefit of their indisputable quality.

That's-that's all to order and develop. Forgive me for bothering you so long but I am dreaming of a large monthly booklet "discography of the French association of the phonographic press" printed with five thousand copies (or more, let's go) and at offices of porphyry and marble where, on all floors one could read the grateful attestations of pathé marconi, decca, and the rest by listening to the presses s. (selected by the association of the phonographic press). Check out our manuscripts The Autograph Gallery of Centuries specializes in the sale and expertise of autograph letters and manuscripts of the great personalities of past centuries. Purchase / payment methods we accept the following methods of payment: transfers and bank cheques. The prices shown are in euros and are net. All our shipments are made in registered mail with insurance at a flat rate of 10 for France and 20 for the rest of the world.

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Boris Vian Signed Autograph Letter To Roger Vincent. Music   Boris Vian Signed Autograph Letter To Roger Vincent. Music