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Prince Imperial Adrien Bizot / Autograph Letter Signed To Prince Imperial

Prince Imperial Adrien Bizot / Autograph Letter Signed To Prince Imperial
Prince Imperial Adrien Bizot / Autograph Letter Signed To Prince Imperial
Prince Imperial Adrien Bizot / Autograph Letter Signed To Prince Imperial
Prince Imperial Adrien Bizot / Autograph Letter Signed To Prince Imperial

Prince Imperial Adrien Bizot / Autograph Letter Signed To Prince Imperial    Prince Imperial Adrien Bizot / Autograph Letter Signed To Prince Imperial
Autograph letter signed "adrian bizot" to the imperial prince melun. 20 September 1878, 4 p. In-8° small folded tears, slight spot on the first page, a few small insolations. Long and remarkable letter addressed to the imperial prince by one of his three intimate friends, adrien bizot the latter nourishes, like the prince, the hope of a return of the empire in france. But patience, the sun of austerlitz is not dead!

I wanted to wait until the gondola left to tell you with what joy I received from the letter you had written to louis. It was too much for me to give up the charming journey you wanted to offer us, and at the same time I did not want to do anything lightly, wishing not to lose, by my recklessness, the small advantages of a position that I chose with the intention of rendering, in my very modest sphere, the most services that I could afford to the prince. I was straight to the sun; I first addressed myself to my general of division; he was charming, warmly congratulated me for having been able to inspire to your Highness a serious enough affection for her to wish to have me on such an interesting excursion, but at the same time pointed out to me that in the time running, I would very much risk seeing myself thanked to my return in france, in any way that I did, not being able and unwilling to hide myself in whatever it was!

I went to the betting ministry there, I was told, I would not be refused and I would not be granted anything; the minister, being never sure of his next day, would do nothing that could make an even more unstable position even more unsettling; moreover, I was told that the slightest adversary would make me call back immediately, and would cause me to refuse in perpetuity any request for leave abroad! - must I add to all these reasons that I have the misfortune of being suffering from a grotesque disease, which will make the prince laugh, but which makes me cry rather! I've had whooping cough, my lord, and this for a month! Conneau will tell you what extravagances of cough I sometimes give myself and will add that in these critical moments my conversation is nothing attributing!

The doctors, meeting in a consultative assembly, say that in five or six weeks I will be rid of this tile, but it is no less true that at the time it is I am not good at much, except to continue philosophically the regularly monotonous work of the state-major of a division. In these circumstances, my lord, and a little comforted by my forcible absence, by the accounts that will be made to me upon his return, I defer to the beginning of November. My trip to your highness. It remains, however, of course, that if for one reason or another you wish to see me in a row, within eight days I will be near your Highness, and this with regular permission, which I could always obtain. I have my annual work to do, and my successive general inspections, attached to the splendid trip!!!!! From the revue of Vincennes. I have not yet allowed it to begin: it is an interesting study, on a period of exploration made by an independent cavalry division, and I confess that I want to give it all my care!

Perhaps if I am not too unhappy with my work, I will ask the prince for permission to share my work with him when I have the honor of seeing him in the corner earth! Conneau will tell you about our conversations, our meal evenings; he will tell you how much we have spoken about you, and how eagerly we look at the future that does not seem to us pink color! You remember, my lord, a sentence you told me in 1875. I'm being told to wait!

But in the meantime the country is rotting and I do not want to command a cowardly and angry nation. I certainly didn't think at that time that you were at this point in the truth: alas now more than ever French looks like cooked crayfish: it becomes red and walks backwards, and say that six thousand brave determined people, well armed, well commanded and not hesitating, would make bets what they would like!

I stop there for today, my lord: with what impatience I will wait for the return of the connaun, to gather all the stories that he will have to tell me: he will tell you, my lord, how much I love you; I hope he will not learn from the prince what follows that he does not have a more faithful friend, a servant more absolutely devoted than his old and grateful subject. Adrien bizot it remains heard, my lord, if my plan does not displease you, that I will go in November to ask you for hospitality for a week in chislehurst ; from 1. November I will be at your command, and in advance I have arranged so that I cannot be denied this permission". 1- adrien bizot was then in garrison at melun, as captain at the state-major of the 4th.

2- letter of 6 September 1878 to louis conneau (according to a note drawn up by adrien bizot, recording the correspondence of the prince addressed to him). 3- adrien bizot will finally go angleter at the end of November. 4- on September 15, 1878, the Marshal president of the republic reviewed, on the field of manuvruvre of Vincennes, on the 4.

Corps, troops stationed in the betting government and 4. 5- adrien bizot, then installed at oran as commander of active troops, had gone to camden place in March 1875. A correspondence between the two friends, the first dated 6 April 1875 (bizot), the second written most probably in May (imperial prince), evokes this stay.

Adrien bizot is the son of the genius general michel bizot, killed at the siege of sebastopol (1855), and of the sophie of lochner, former sub-governor of the imperial prince. "bizot was part of this trinity of soldiers that was so dear to [the prince], which so often returns in his letters, which is in his thoughts until the last day: bizot, connaun, espinasse" the imperial prince, memories and documents - Augustin filon, 1912, p. This item is in the category "collections\letters, old papers\autographs\historical persons". The seller is "laurent-autographs" and is located in this country: fr. This item can be shipped to the following country: whole world.

  1. number of pages: 4
  2. Time: beautiful epoch
  3. type: autograph, dedication
  4. country of manufacture: france
  5. subtype: autograph on paper
  6. region: Ile-de-france
  7. theme: history, politics

Prince Imperial Adrien Bizot / Autograph Letter Signed To Prince Imperial    Prince Imperial Adrien Bizot / Autograph Letter Signed To Prince Imperial