Autograph Signed Letter

Pagnol Autograph Letter Signed 1925

Pagnol Autograph Letter Signed 1925
Pagnol Autograph Letter Signed 1925
Pagnol Autograph Letter Signed 1925

Pagnol Autograph Letter Signed 1925   Pagnol Autograph Letter Signed 1925

Marcel pagnol - signed autograph letter. 3 pages in 3 sheets (215 x 270 mm) in black ink on peel paper, dated Wednesday, March 4, [1925]. Magnificent letter from the beginnings of betting pagnol as author of plays.

Ambitious and optimistic, pagnol has just presented the piece he hopes to see soon play, the merchants of glory and tells the first private performance. I work like a bloodthirsty brute, and every day I write about twenty pages. The moment is approaching when we will see the lights of the ramp; so you see my agitation approaching a date that will decide on my career, my fortune, etc. One day, trebor invites us to read our room in front of a group of Parisian high notabilities to whom he wished to offer the first of the room: evening of grand gala, followed by a dinner at midnight. We decide that the play will be read by simon.

Simon's going to get some varnished shoes at a friend's house at the Vincenna Gate. He takes gloves from another, a tuxedo at nivoix, a pouch at the conservatory, a watch at the neighbor's house: in short, a real subscription. For me, I'm teaming up with the belloon tuxedo, the simon straps, a nivoix tie.

As for Nivoix, he steals to buy collars and cuffs, a pair of socks, and is ingenious to make the most of a silk shirt, once splendid. We arrive at the appointment in a taxi, paid by a fee. Sumptuous apartments, seigneurial room valets. In a huge library, we find monin owner of hubigan, mayor, great feather merchant, parisys, trebor, the beautiful jickiss of the Mayol concert, who shows himself naked every night to 2,000 people, and who seemed embarrassed to be dressed in front of so many people...

Add a few women with diamonds - o my mother! Simon reads the play: triumphal success, stunned people, full of respect.

Trébor says I'm in condorcet. The beautiful jickiss asks me if I would have finished my studies soon... The overall rehearsals start on Tuesday, March 12. We're going through the first week of April. Success or not, I'm out of business from a financial point of view.

An oven would always give 20 representations, 10 to 12.000 for me. A success, that is 100 performances, with audience, would give not far from 100,000, with the sale abroad. On April 15, 1925, while he was still a teacher of English at the lycée condorcet à paris, pagnol played in the theatre of the Madeleine his merchants of glory - his first play on the boards. Additional photos and descriptions on request. _gsrx_vers_625 gs 6.9.9 (625). _gsrx_vers_1480 gs 9.1.1 (1480). This item is in the category "books, bd, magazines\old books, collection". The seller is "librairie-walden" and is located in this country: fr. This item can be shipped to the following country: whole world.
    Subject: literature Author: pagnol
  1. bound: signed autograph letter
  2. language: French
  3. time: 20th century
  4. personalized: yes
  5. Signed: yes
  6. date of publication: 1925

Pagnol Autograph Letter Signed 1925   Pagnol Autograph Letter Signed 1925