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Marshal Lyautey -important Autograph Letter Signed On The Colonial Exhibition

Marshal Lyautey -important Autograph Letter Signed On The Colonial Exhibition
Marshal Lyautey -important Autograph Letter Signed On The Colonial Exhibition

Marshal Lyautey -important Autograph Letter Signed On The Colonial Exhibition    Marshal Lyautey -important Autograph Letter Signed On The Colonial Exhibition
For many years, the autograph library has specialized in the sale of autograph letters and manuscripts. (1854.1934) Marshal of France. Two pages in-4° on paper at his address. "We've had enough lyautey, we've had enough." That's the bottom of their minds for all of us. Very beautiful letter of lyautey returning with bitterness on the colonial exhibition of 1931, organized by him and m. Olivier, golden door to Vincennes. "My dear Governor General and friend, I receive your nice nice letter of the 29th.

I've already telegraphed the vics of my household for yours. I renew them very affectionately by thanking you for everything you tell me so cordially about our collaboration. For 1932 it will be such a year of vital concerns for our country and for the world, that personal worries do not matter in the light of such hazards.

Speaking of the exhibition, you ask me if "our leaders know exactly how successful it is, and they suspect that it is because of my personal prestige". They are perfectly aware of it and that is why they are too happy that it is over.

That is why they and the city were so hostile to reopening first, and then to preserving the slightest trace, not only dangkor but even the most harmless and free, such as mountain vernon, the great fortress. No, everything has to be shaved, rasibus, and that there is no sign for the future of my passage to Vincennes. And that is why I am also that all, offices, city councils, leader, put themselves through the house of the outside france, and will arrange to stifle it, delay it, minimize it in such conditions, that there is no longer any interest or dignity for me to occupy. "There's enough lyautey, we've had enough," that's the bottom of their thinking to all of us.

Jen is taking my side perfectly, and it is better to be clearly aware of it than to be delusional. Here I found my books, memories, work and people, and that's what it's all about. I will return to bets for the 15th to announce my general liquidation. My wife is very touched by the memory of Mrs. Olive who will be very happy to see again.

I will be happy to find you and to come and talk with you and ask you to find here, my dear Governor General and May, the assurance of my gratitude and affectionate dedication. In 1927, lyautey accepted the position of commissioner general of the international colonial exhibition, which was held at the time.

Golden door with bets in 1931. With the help of a handful of his elders, with the gérard de launay in chief of cabinet, he managed to present reproductions of monuments of the five continents, such as the temples dangkor, mosques, ksours. And to keep its budget balanced thanks to the 33 million tickets sold. Governor General of Madagascar from February 20, 1924 to January 30, 1929.

Under his leadership the madagascar bank was established, while the investment of commercial companies was encouraged on the island. Finally, he launched major works, including road construction. Back in metropolitan france, olive tree is responsible for assisting lyautey in the organization of. His experience in the colonies and this participation enabled him to obtain a number of contacts in French political, administrative and industrial circles. Check out our manuscripts The Autograph Gallery of Centuries specializes in the sale and expertise of autograph letters and manuscripts of the great personalities of past centuries.

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Marshal Lyautey -important Autograph Letter Signed On The Colonial Exhibition    Marshal Lyautey -important Autograph Letter Signed On The Colonial Exhibition