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Louis Pasteur / Autograph Letter Signed / La Rage / Dogs / Child / Bite

Louis Pasteur / Autograph Letter Signed / La Rage / Dogs / Child / Bite
Louis Pasteur / Autograph Letter Signed / La Rage / Dogs / Child / Bite

Louis Pasteur / Autograph Letter Signed / La Rage / Dogs / Child / Bite    Louis Pasteur / Autograph Letter Signed / La Rage / Dogs / Child / Bite
Autograph letter signed twice, \"l. Pastor\" and \"lp,\" at countess greffulhe paris, February 20, 1892 2 pages in-8 square on bifeuillet, header of the pastor's institute at 25 rue dutot, under modern black half-maroquin shirt trace of central folding due to the ennvoi dorigine. Long and remarkable letter from louis pastor on rabies and vaccination of dogs. Madam Countess, I would have replied earlier to your very gracious letter of 14 February if I did not make an appointment a little late with our friend and former pupil, the b.

We agreed on the potential inconvenience of vaccinating dogs before or after bites. The location we have on Rue dutot is quite too small, because the time of vaccination for about a fortnight, we would soon be very congested. Consider the huge number of dogs that there would be to vaccinate in bets!

You had thought of large kennels in the acclimatization garden, but who to entrust the work to? It would be fairly easy to train aid. That the concern for responsibility would be great, by fear of a fault committed or of a mistake! I heard that in some rabies laboratories abroad (who are all our children) luxury dogs are vaccinated.

I've done it a few times for friends myself and I gladly offer to do it for your favorite dogs. How can we generalize such a practice in our democratic country?

And the rage would not be far away!! I should have started these lines by thanking you, ma'am, for words so flattering that you kindly madressed and that mount filled emotion. Medicine after pastor\" in the glory of our dear France, God wants it to be! The presence of such a formula, believe me well, that I have only one thought, that of my inadequacy and that also of not being able, as much as I would like, to try to realize such a beautiful dream. I will console myself by thinking that new paths are open, that others will know how to follow it and fertilize them for the happiness of the human race. It is a great joy for me to inform you that the poor little Irish girl so badly bitten on the right cheek, to whom you became interested on the day of your visit to the pastor's institute has finished her treatment. She left for Ireland and the worthy lady who accompanied her will give me her news. I have great hope that his recovery, which I did not at first pace what arrived in Paris thirty days after his terrible bite. Please accept, ma'am, the gentleman of my deepest respect. Denys cochin let me hope for another visit from you to li. [pastor's institute] , with your husband.

Perhaps we do not know the art of asserting ourselves other than through the results of our work, which should never be insufficient. As your eloquence your letter under the eyes mautorizes to say it and your great heart, can substitute for what we lack on this side!

Our department heads would strive to respond to your encouragement by pursuing some great historical or practical discoveries. These are still girls of those. Allow me, Countess, to attach to this letter a copy of an article that one of our department heads, mr buclaux, recently published in the \"scientific journal.\" Your generous soul can make a painful comparison between the efforts of the Prussian government and those of our public authorities for the development of microbial science, inaugurated in France nonetheless.

The famous pastoral work on rabies prophylaxis has completely reoriented the study of rabies. With his fine writing, the scientist responds here to the Countess of Greffulhe, having asked to have his favorite dogs vaccinated and suggested to generalize this practice. Pasteur presents his objections and takes advantage of this letter to share with his reader an episode about the recent healing of a young woman bitten on the cheek.

This correspondence also testifies to his involvement in international research. During his lifetime, he became well known for developing a rabies vaccine. A patron for science and the arts, she is the one who inspired Marcel Proust for the character of the Duchess of Warriors in search of lost time.

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Louis Pasteur / Autograph Letter Signed / La Rage / Dogs / Child / Bite    Louis Pasteur / Autograph Letter Signed / La Rage / Dogs / Child / Bite