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Louis-ferdinand Celine Set Of Twelve Signed Prison Letters

Louis-ferdinand Celine Set Of Twelve Signed Prison Letters
Louis-ferdinand Celine Set Of Twelve Signed Prison Letters

Louis-ferdinand Celine Set Of Twelve Signed Prison Letters    Louis-ferdinand Celine Set Of Twelve Signed Prison Letters
For many years, the autograph library has specialized in the sale of autograph letters and manuscripts. Extraordinary set of twelve signed autograph letters. To his lawyer thorvald mikkelsen, while in prison in Danemark.

A total of 24 pages in-4°, on the pink paper of the prison københavns faengsler, covering the period from 31 January to 25 February 1947. Almost all of the letters are unique to the correspondence of the pleiade. Refugeed from the danemark since the liberation, Celine found herself staying in the apartment of her friend Karen marie Jensen.

The French ambassador, learning in October 1945 of the presence of celine in the danemark, asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs what should be done. Georges bidault replied that an arrest warrant had been issued against celine in April 1945 and that it was necessary to obtain his extradition.

On 17 December 1945, the couple was arrested, lucette being released a few days later. In his defence, Celine addressed the danemark in thorwald mikkelsen, a French-speaking and Francophile lawyer met through Danish friends, and in france to Albert naud, a former resistant lawyer approached through his friend antonio zuloaga, press attaché at the Spanish embassy.

The Danish government, finding that the complaints against celine were insufficient, refused his extradition but kept him in prison until the end of February 1947, when he was transferred to a copenhagen hospital. These twelve letters offer a fascinating vision of prison hell lived by a Celine at once revolted, shot down, ill, fighting and hoping for his next release. With a Scriptural frenzy, he writes his complaints and hopes in mikkelsen; here is the detail. I - 31 January 1947.

"My dear master, especially don't release your pressure for a second, we know from experience that the most official promises to the danemark are worth almost nothing, and that the sides are the rule. If lon doesn't direct me to the rigshospital in the course of the week, ask me to beg you for my return in france.

I lost 13 months of torture in Danish prisons. That's enough in the life of a 54-year-old man! Can we imagine that 200 years of living in Danish ministries? In any case prison for prison, forward for the france where I might never have done so much prison!

All this very kindly started turns with the time to lodious, sadistic and grotesque. All these chichis, these superdiplomatic subtleties are now burlesque and irrelevant. What was intelligent 18 months ago is now absurd and unbearable. Do we read the papers? "I looked forward to having the right to be humbly judged as the last of the foreclosures by real judges. "My dear master, I am sure that you are like me, that you do not believe a word of the promise to have me transferred to the rigshospital. Only then, please send me back to France without delay. I have now written to the four corners of the world. We know what I've suffered here. He is obnoxious to the excess of j.

The whole world knows that the West is the most severe prison in the danemark and not at all a place of internment. Playing on words again is to pretend that it is impossible to find in Danish laws an article that prevents me from making myself free. [ludvig holberg, Danish satirist of the 18th century] that's the molar!

Precisely since I depend only on the police, everything is very easy with a little good will. It was very easy to hold me 15 months in captivity under simple police powers! I hope that the opinion of the truman president, the king of Suede and the pope will not be necessary to get me simply transferred to my country! I have enough of the ghosts of ministers who never meet and immaterial offices where promises evaporate and where all "yes" mean no with a thousand chichis! I look forward to having the right to be humbly judged as the last of the foreclosures by real judges who speak real language.

I'm dying in this nightmare. So, dear master, no more suspension, no more glamour! A thousand infinite gratitudes for so much good will but enough. When we're 54, we don't have 15 months to fuck the nettles like rain! In the unlikely event that you will see the promises come to fruition, do you not think that it would be appropriate to organize at your home an intimate breakfast or dinner between this French lady, my wife and the 2.

Secretary you've been talking about. It could be extremely useful to reconnect with france our intimate relationships so unfortunately broken and recreating. At last, all this is imaginary. What counts is my immediate expedition and without any chichi to the france, if lon does not transfer me to the rigshospital. Iii - February 2, 1947.

"We don't care about my case and I see this indifference very well. "My dear master and friend. I admire your efforts and your magnificent dedication, but as we were deceived by the Danish ministers!

To fall down to lying, to deceive a prisoner would have once dishonored a prince, a king, forever! The entire French monarchy has rested for 16 centuries on the motto never transgressed: the king says it. Lying to a prisoner is an extremely cowardly act of an irremediable ugliness, dishonoring once and for all. Me miserable, hunted by the whole world, who would have had a thousand excuses for my weakness, to deceive and lie, I never said a word that was strictly accurate, I never missed 1/1000th of my word. Shame is on the Danish government.

So much contempt for me may come from the fact that your offices imagine that I'm able to swallow any toad, lies, deceptions, prison, etc... To hang up on the danemark? That I am so absolved by cowardice and frown that any balverine is good enough for me, that I will always be satisfied.

But all I'm asking is to go back to France! But I'd rather go back to France a thousand times than be tormented, trimballed, lunatic, infinitely.

I asked the Danemark for asylum, not jail or internment! Quon delivers me quickly if the Danish are not able or unwilling to release me, but with grace more subterfuges, false leaks, miserable schemes. We now know that the opposition does not come from France but from the Danish offices.

One more lie that's falling apart. What do the Danish offices fear? Svend borberg had collaborated otherwise than me, he's free.

Tandrup will be released in a month. These are comparisons for the famous Danish public opinion, please!

In truth, the bureaus fear only an arrest in parliament. Everything else, interventions, reasons, leaves them cold. Who is going to question me in the Danish Parliament? We don't care about my case, and I'm very well aware of this indifference. For offices, I'm a foreign dog. They prove it to me. As for not finding a paragraph of Danish law to free me, this is pure holberg!

[ludvig holberg, Danish satirist of the 18th century] do they understand? In short, I spent 16 months in prison, sentenced by the political forger [Danish daily hostile to celine] and only by politician. Rions, dear master, nothing is so funny in molar! Iv - 6 February 1947.

"I feel like I'm going crazy in a forest of lies, filled with invisible sorcerers who amuse me with torture and mega. Tune andersen just told me that it is impossible to send me back to the hospital again! (rigshospital) so, as I expected the whole combination to collapse, once again! What are we going to decide at last?

If I have the honour and humanity to ask myself also in my opinion, it is this one - I no longer want to remain in Danish prison at any price even if it is internalized. If there is nothing else that can be arranged when I am handed over to France and strongly, without waiting for further decisions by the pope or the moon. Karen marie jensen went to the Ministry of Justice and I defended her, the bitch! He was told there that if I was kept in prison, the france would forbid me to be released!

All that we touch, dear master, is lies! I feel like I'm going crazy in a forest of lies, filled with invisible sorcerers who amuse me with torture and mega. I gave the danemark 15 months of torture.

He can now let me go to my destiny. His offices have had enough fun with my weakness.

I'm looking forward to being delivered and this is over. I look forward to being in front of real, visible accusers to get out of this cursed forest. V - February 9, 1947. "We are literally murdered here, my wife and I.

We can no longer give the slightest importance to the hateful fariboles of the hysterical little coal drunkard at any price. Your Ministry of Justice should not present these inept little arrogances to us as valid. I responded once and for all to the French justice system. For me, the incident is closed. I refuse to be fooled by these pitters.

All of this to make us lose sight of the fact that there is indeed a real account to be settled, an explanation to be given to me. What right does the Danish Minister of Justice have in his prisons for 16 months? What right does he hold in cell a French manned war 75% - military medal with more title of war against Lallemagne than any Danish? The fact is monstrous and its persistence inconceivable.

These 16 months in prison and the future are hard on me, please believe it. A mutilated 75% to 54 years and 3 years of martyrdom including 16 months of Danish torture is necessarily ill! Strangeness, the wonder is that he's not tired! We've literally been murdered here, my wife and I. This is what the whole world is beginning to know and understand, even in france, especially in france.

The feather or voice of a coal or a rasmussen hardly exceed their antechamber. My books are expected from all over the world.

I've had enough of being the pain-suffering toy of your moron machiavels of ministry or embassy! Those dogs in their place, please! You can warn them that one of those tiles on their face will soon be snuffed out, leaving them marks! We've seen some books sink more solid states than the danemark. The race of the beaumarchais is not dead, let these idiots think about it before it's too late.

Nor can I (or the doctors) spend my time catching up with the criminal bullshit from your offices. Enough of those hideous cowardice subterfuges.

As for the "reason" for the exchange of good judicial procedures, deliveries of collaborators, etc. With the france, this is the most ignoble reason that lon can invoke. No more ploys, chichis, falsifiers! Ask illico for my extradition if lon doesn't get me out of the West and once and for all!

I'm more suited for the massacre than for the jeremiad. I assure you that there will not be much left of the great Danish humanitarian reputation when I get busy. "What right do these morons have to throw away my days to the pigs, to the garbage of their prison? I've been back to the west for 21 days. When I am in the hospital I can only be released if I return to the West; when I am in the West, nothing can be done without me returning to the hospital!

The whole panached with false malfeasances, so-called quiproquos, simulated indignations! Not in truth these people are even more stupid than I am.

A six-year-old wouldn't believe this stuffing anymore. In short, it seems that at all costs one wants to make me die, to drive me mad at the danemark so that the traces of a very bad case of arbitrary kidnapping disappear, a stroke of police force frankly ignoble. However, I warn that I have already warned the whole world and in all the details of the torture, unworthy, completely illegal, deeply unjust that lon makes me suffer here. Either it was necessary to memorize in France two years ago, when I went to the Danish court without making any mystery of my person or of my writings, or else it was necessary to release me at least a year ago.

We are now in the midst of legal monstrosity. I ask illico for my extradition to the france - ask for it for me. The danemark will regret me, I swear. The ministry scorned on my account.

He believes me without arms, without voice, without recourse. Rasmussen has not finished receiving from his stupid legations reports of panic. I'll wake you all up! You will read the letter of Lucian descaves, president of the Goncourt Academy, and make it read it, it will give your bureaucrats a taste of what will happen.

What right do these idiots have to throw my days at the pigs, the garbage in their jail? All this will be paid.

And then, please, come and see me, and ask for my wife's more frequent and longer visits, the maximum. Vii - 11 February 1947. "Out of this diabolical tartufery right now! Please ask for my extradition. Well, we're pretty much covered in all the shades that I wasn't a prisoner but an internee and not even an internee, but we don't know what. That's why I've been dying in prison for 16 months. They don't know how to treat me without frowning the france, so-called... But do we ignore the danemark internment on the word? My word of honor not to escape should suffice. It's not a novelty.

Thousands of officers of all time have been, and in all the countries of the world, "prisoners on word". This seems to be an enormity for Danish conceptions.

It is true that in a country where ministers perjure themselves, where the heads of ministries deny themselves, swindle confidence, run the prisoners, contradict each other from one hour to the next, it is rather hurluberlu to speak honor! They are no longer ministries but souks where the trafficking of false currencies, false promises, small and big scoundrels are very common where no one can be surprised. Though I slander the Arab leaders for whom the word given is absolutely sacred, and never in default. The danemark lacks Arab leaders.

This is the past world! Himeman just asked if I was eating well! We're still doing simmagreas. Nothing's up to it. So, dear master, we have to decide.

Get out of this evil tartufery right now! At the same time as more frequent visits for my wife. We've had enough fun in the departments. I don't want to be a fool to those evil idiots anymore.

And let all this be done quickly! They're not waiting for a century yet. Let them leave me alone. Viii - 13 February 1947. "Everything I own now belongs to my born wife lucette almanzor. These are my last wishes... I think that we have now played all the comedy, told all the lies, enjoyed all the grimaces! It's time to change the theater! I hope you have already presented my request for immediate extradition to the Minister of Justice. He doesn't need, I imagine, to go to the Persian shah, the gabriel larchange, the Montgomery general? Is it finally a decision he can make without barging, shunning, troubling? Come on, let's go! I'll settle all my bets, be sure, the French and the Danish. There's a lot of them.

I won't leave anything empty. Everything will be carefully and copiously settled.

But it should be done quickly. I'll start taking forces at gram's. Here at the jacket diet I'm starting to die again. I wouldn't want to get too depressed to bet and the prison is depressing me terribly.

While all this is finally, for the first time, strongly decided. Or do I have to write to coalsmith? I'm also signing you a piece of paper. Everything I own now belongs to my born wife lucette almanzor. I'll give him everything.

I don't have anything anymore. It's all hers and nothing but hers. These are my last wishes. You'll have to tell bets, and here. My daughter has nothing to do with this.

Everything belongs to lucia georgette almanzor. She doesn't owe anyone accounts. I owe nothing to anyone (except yourself). Finally, please, dear friend, come to me to put this to good good. Ix - February 18, 1947. "I know very well what's going on.

This is Jewish revenge that trafics, werdith, maneuvers at the bottom of your offices." I am always there, of course, as it was easy to predict, in this country where the yes means no, where immediately means never, where it is enough to promise you that the opposite will always happen. A month ago I came back to this prison where lon had officially promised that I would stay for 3 days!

We start to dream of so much brutality, sadism or inconsequence. I don't know how to make it clear that I have enough - more than enough - that I want to go back to France.

We have done far too much prudence and diplomacy. We were fucked up, monstrously.

We speculated about our good education and my personal cowardice. I don't want to stay in Danish jail anymore. I know very well what is going on, and amuse me, it is Jewish revenge that trafics, weird, manipulating at the bottom of your offices a beautiful case of racial persecution that is very difficult to confess. It's hard to fool me in this area. I let myself believe in the nonsense that I'm told, that's all. Lon knows perfectly well in your offices that in three months of freedom I would arrange my whole business and regularize my situation with france. This is precisely what your offices want to prevent at all costs. They're sticking to my traitor's label.

Goddamn it, I have to keep it! Hence these famous hindrances of the last hour and these imbroglios fools this bad will is stubborn all this stupid Chinese." X - February 20, 1947. "This ignoble farce lasted too long for at least 12 months! Why wouldn't it last 12 years?

"Unfortunately I know, my dear master, that you will come to me in a few days to tell me that the shrewd combination library has once again the 50. At least at the last moment goes bankrupt because I die under the "because".

The "because" have ended up chewing all the desire to live. What's going on in the cannibals where the victim pleads at the end of being puffed so we can finally get her out of the way. I compare the reasons for prestige, the terror that gram inspires. It is that he is one of the few men of the danemark who does not count in the "because".

It takes him two minutes and a phone call to get me packed up in jail and gallop! Inq ministers (so-called well-intentioned), fifty distinguished bureaucrats, in 16 months of palabre do not manage, with the best reasons of the world, to bring out, and my maintain in spite of all right, usages and banal humanity... Embangled, embarbed, tied, strangled, exorbited, completely stupid, buried they are in the "because". No, really, my dear friend, this ignoble farce lasted too long for at least 12 months! There's nothing left to listen to in this biscorned paillasserie. Quin quickly lowers the curtain! You'll certainly be in my opinion.

It is only about our positions for the transfer in france as soon as possible. Everything else is idle and stupid. I had so much to do with my wife. That damn gram my crazy too soon.

Finally, starting from this false barracks will already be a relief. Xi - February 22, 1947. "If they had lost 40 kilos of their plethoric boyasse damnation, they would hear their loud screams as far as Groenland! So the sinister laugh continues. Only I see that tune andersen also begins to sagace from my presence and that he will simply send me back to cell next week.

Thus the cycle will be completed. This reminds me of the reply of the emperor charles v to luther who reproached him for having him arrested despite all his promises: "No word is owed to a unbeliever". Your offices also consider me unworthy of any care. My wife (after you) tells me that Danish doctors say I'm not sick.

So what does he give me the 40 kilos I lost in Danish prisons? If they had lost 40 kilos of their plethoric boyasse damnation, they would hear their loud screams as far as Groenland! Oh, my God, you fucking abject tartufs! His eyes are farting, and they find me too healthy. I'm still waiting for two or three days and then I'm writing three letters that you'll approve for mers eimquist, rasmussen and colognerie. In the same terms and at the same time, asking for my return in france - through the fastest ways. The Danish torture has lasted long enough. Gram had made all this present "Oh, I can keep you six months they won't decide yet. The best for you would be a note for Malmö", these were his words. The rest is filthy sniffing away.

But I would have wanted to arrange my business with my wife, write some letters, I can't with two miserable visits 1/2 hour a week! They tie me both hands behind my back, throw me to the sea, and they ask me to swim fast! Xii - 25 February 1947.

"we have not found celine guilty of treason, and his anti-Semitic writings date before the war." Attached is an article of the French letters of the 14-2, arch-communist, in which limbue claude morgan implicitly recognizes, the morgan!

That I didn't cooperate. This is to be remembered.

For example, he's charging me with anti-Semitism. But this time your eimquist is a little responsible. His statement in my favour was admirable of courage and sharpness (you are a lunatic and lunatic) but he should have declared: "We have not found celine guilty of treason, and his anti-Semitic writings date before the war and therefore do not fall under the blow of the French laws known as depuration. This would have been quite true and more skillful.

These dogs had lost any chance to clap again. My wife told me yesterday that the librarian was being held in bed is it true that a law is being drafted on the eve of being promulgated concerning foreigners in prison? That they would be released or extradited? My poor wife may have come to a quick conclusion. I would be happy to receive a little word from you who write perfectly French. The principle is to get out of here. Check out our manuscripts The Autograph Gallery of Centuries specializes in the sale and expertise of autograph letters and manuscripts of the great personalities of past centuries. Purchase / payment methods we accept the following methods of payment: transfers and bank cheques. The prices shown are in euros and are net. All our shipments are made in registered mail with insurance at a flat rate of 10 for France and 20 for the rest of the world. We can also ship by private carrier at your request. Conditions of sale in accordance with the practice of the international league of the ancient bookstore, we accept a guarantee of return within 14 days.

The return costs are borne by the buyer. About all the pieces proposed are originals whose authenticity we guarantee. Our invoices serve as proof of authenticity of the parts sold. However, at your request, we may issue a certificate of authenticity, in addition.

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    Subject: literature Age: 1900-1960
  1. date of publication: 1947
  2. special characteristics: manuscript
  3. number of pages: 24
  4. language: French

Louis-ferdinand Celine Set Of Twelve Signed Prison Letters    Louis-ferdinand Celine Set Of Twelve Signed Prison Letters