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Louis-ferdinand Céline Autograph Letter Signed. Prison Letter. Denmark 1947

Louis-ferdinand Céline Autograph Letter Signed. Prison Letter. Denmark 1947
Louis-ferdinand Céline Autograph Letter Signed. Prison Letter. Denmark 1947

Louis-ferdinand Céline Autograph Letter Signed. Prison Letter. Denmark 1947   Louis-ferdinand Céline Autograph Letter Signed. Prison Letter. Denmark 1947
The autograph bookstore of the centuries has specialized, for many years, in the sale of autograph letters, and manuscripts. To his lawyer thorvald mikkelsen.

Two pages in-4 in pencil. On pink paper from the prison kobenhavns faengsler. Unpublished letter to the correspondence of the pleiade. \"My wife and I have been murdered here. Very beautiful and virulent letter of celine, imprisoned in Danish jails and exhausted.

\"My dear master and friend. We can no longer at any price give the least importance to the hateful fariboles of the hysterical little drunk. Your Department of Justice must not present these inept little arrogances to us as valid. I answered once and for all to the French justice system.

For me the incident is closed. I refuse to be fooled by these antics. All this to make us lose sight of the existence of a real account to settle, an explanation to give me. What right does the Danish Minister of Justice have in prisons for 16 months? What right does he have in his cell for a 75% war-mutilated Frenchman - a military medal with more title of war against Lallemagne than any Danish? The fact is monstrous and its persistence inconceivable. These 16 months in prison and the future are my heart I beg you to believe it. A mutilated 75% at 54 years and 3 years of martyrdom of which 16 months of Danish torture is necessarily sick! The strangeness, the wonder is that it is not punctured! My wife and I have been murdered here.

This is what the whole world is beginning to know and understand, even in France, especially in France. The pen or voice of a coal miner or a rasmussen hardly exceed their antechamber. My books are expected by the whole world.

Jen has enough to be the pain-suffering toy of your dumb machiavelle ministry or dambassade! These dogs in their place, please! You can warn them that it will soon fall one of these tiles on the mouth that will leave them marks! We've seen some books sink stronger states than Denmark. The race of beaumarchais is not dead, let these idiots think about it before it's too late.

Nor can I (or the doctors) spend my time catching up with the criminal in your offices. Enough of these hideous subterfuges of cowardice. As for the \"reason\" for the exchange of good judicial processes, deliveries of collaborators etc. With France, this is the most despicable reason to be invoked.

No more ploys, chichis, fakes! Ask for my extradition immediately if I am not taken out of the westre right away and once and for all! I'm more made for the massacre than the jeremiad. I guarantee you that there will not be much of the great Danish humanitarian renown when I lie will be busy. Celine took refuge in Denmark upon her release.

He found himself staying in a friend's apartment, the Karen dancer marries Jensen who was then residing in madrid. The French ambassador, learning in October 1945 of celine's presence in Denmark, asked the Foreign Minister what to do.

Georges bidault replied that an arrest warrant had been issued for Celine in April 1945 and that his extradition had to be obtained. On December 17, 1945, the couple was arrested, with a lollipop released a few days later. In her defence, Céline addressed thorwald mikkelsen, a French-speaking lawyer and Francophile whom he met through Danish friends, and in France to Albert naud, a former resistance lawyer approached through his friend antonio zuloaga, press secretary at the Spanish embassy.

The Danish government, deeming the grievances against Celine insufficient, refused his extradition but kept him in prison until the end of February 1947, when he was transferred to a hospital in Copenhagen. Check out our manuscripts the autograph gallery of the centuries specializes in the sale and the expertise of autograph letters and manuscripts of the great personalities of past centuries. Purchase/settlement methods we accept the following payment methods: transfers and bank cheques.

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Louis-ferdinand Céline Autograph Letter Signed. Prison Letter. Denmark 1947   Louis-ferdinand Céline Autograph Letter Signed. Prison Letter. Denmark 1947