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Louis-ferdinand Celine / Autograph Letter Signed By Prison / Desperation / Love

Louis-ferdinand Celine / Autograph Letter Signed By Prison / Desperation / Love
Louis-ferdinand Celine / Autograph Letter Signed By Prison / Desperation / Love

Louis-ferdinand Celine / Autograph Letter Signed By Prison / Desperation / Love    Louis-ferdinand Celine / Autograph Letter Signed By Prison / Desperation / Love
Autograph letter signed twice, "des" and "louis", then heading "destouches", to his lawyer thorvald mikkelsen and his wife, lucette destouches prison de københavns fængsler, 22 August 1946, 2 pp. In-4°, pink paper from the prison administration annotation typographical "132" at the top of the first page. Long prison letter, full of despair, between rage for his situation and tenderness for his wife. "My dear master, you still see me very sorry and repentant for having so indisposed you by my absurd letter about my bebert cat!

[sic] I hope all this on the account of madness and also the long hours of imprisonment where some very grotesque ideas seize the mind and then the pen. I beg you to forget this nonsense. I remain, with good reason then I believe, quite anxious of the consequences of your approach to the ministry. What follow-up did these gentlemen give? Do they think of giving a follow-up?

Do they think of anything? It is from descartes the famous word that dominates all the French reason "I think so I am". My little mimi, you think I'm not delusional about my level of loneliness.

I would have volumes of solitude to tell. You say k [aren] (1) hates you. And so I the man-hedalgo [juan sniffs]!

Do you remember that he came only once on a marsollier street [family address of the destouches family] to tell me that all my fortune was confiscated (2). K [aren] captured him and kept him only out of jealousy of me! It's an old game that always takes. Join the alcohol, languishes and then the age. But all this is normal, fun vetillas usually you only approach all this determined to take only what you find pleasant.

Don't depend on all this filthy, tedious chichi swamp. Alas, hundredfold criminal idiot that I am, for having lost and my independence and supreme loss, my freedom! Have you ever seen me with one illusion about the world men and women - less than I decide by pleasure? Everything you think I think and by 1000! The horror of the prison does the rest and I assure you completely.

Unfortunately, I do not have enough years, months to live to disgust all that I have swallowed in these months of rancour, humiliation and hatred - hatred to death - beyond death - for this appalling injustice that I take with my smile, which I suffer kindly. However around November I would have laughed enough. You're just how much I hate cracking. I hate to stifle so much.

Elections will be held in France (3). If I'm not out of here, I'll ask to go home. Whether I remain indefinitely locked in fresnes or here what difference?

Again there they will be forced to give me a precise reason. I'll be judged, things will go in a way.

I'm locked in a cloud behind bars. It's word play on the spot. Only one thing is inflexible - the key.

I cluttered it from my sad person beyond all human patience. I also look forward to releasing him.

I don't suffer, but I'm ashamed and bored. I'm bored with the burglary. I'm bored with the burglary. Nobody ever tells me black on white why they keep me locked up and for how long.

Or that I ask to go home? Rather, I think — another universal hysteria should be triggered, that these men's dogs should be absorbed by another massacre. No other salvation for me, for us. In the meantime, think of your hands well about your physique in your profession. Don't be nobody's ass.

That's enough of life already, servant in addition, that's way too much. I'm watching your hands - eat sweets - the ultra-violet all over the body seem to do you good.

It takes a cure every 3 months in these light-sun countries. It's my only last joy to see you squeaky and frantic. I hate distress, I hate mine enough. P makes another 5 or 6 kilos, at least. Take at least 300 crowns per month from the account.

It is necessary, of elegance - prestige - of muscles - of struggle - and of garcery - total as the deed (4) said - total. Watch the papers, I don't have them yet. Bebert bises and cute lucettes. Trapped, imprisoned, accused of treason, louis-ferdinand celine does not understand, insurge, defend, attack. Between February and October 1946, he was detained in the western prison of copenhagen (københavns fængsler), kept writing, defended himself all azimuts, read a lot and worked intensively on his next novel, the continuation of guignol's band, a fairy tale for another time. (1) Karen marie Jensen, dancer and former mistress of celine who placed the writer's fonds in the form of gold ingots in a copenhagen bank in 1942. (2) This reference to an address places the memory mentioned between June 1939 and February or March 1941. But we do not know on what information juan serrat at that time could rely on to announce to celine that it was ruined, unless it was the opening of his safe at the bank lloyds de bets by the German authorities on 14 March 1941. (3) Legislative elections will take place on 10 November, from which the Communist Party will emerge further strengthened. (4) Jacques de lesdain, evoked in particular in one castle the other p. Céline probably alludes here to words heard in sigmaringen.

From 16 August, the day after his return to the cell, Celine has ink to write, until the end of November. His new hospitalization will coincide with the use, again, of paper pencil. It thus appears that only the prison letters written between mid-August and the end of November 1946 were written with ink. Céline, letters from prison to lucette destouches and master mikkelsen, ed.

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    After-war period
  1. theme: literature
  2. type: signed autograph letter
  3. number of pages: 2

Louis-ferdinand Celine / Autograph Letter Signed By Prison / Desperation / Love    Louis-ferdinand Celine / Autograph Letter Signed By Prison / Desperation / Love