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Louis Aragon / Signed Autograph Letter To René Char / Foot In The Ass

Louis Aragon / Signed Autograph Letter To René Char / Foot In The Ass
Louis Aragon / Signed Autograph Letter To René Char / Foot In The Ass

Louis Aragon / Signed Autograph Letter To René Char / Foot In The Ass    Louis Aragon / Signed Autograph Letter To René Char / Foot In The Ass

Autograph letter signed "aragon" (minute), to rene char [paris, August 10, 1946], 1 p. 1/2 in-4° small lack at the upper right angle without damage to the text, traces of folds, left and lower margin slightly strangled. An autograph draft signed by an acerbic letter to the tank, listing his grievances in six points. 1°/ we have never received a letter from you 2°/ I don't know if you have involved in this matter in the history of last year to calm the irritation of elsa and if it has been shown to be effective; but, with me who did not acquire, in resistance or elsewhere, your sense of serenity, your convenient sense of serenity, you could serenity only calmly add this singular excuse to the fact of letting us fall casually, that is, without. Finding time for a phone call, could have put me, oh, without dramamatizing as you say, in an excellent mood?

3°/ on this point: I was unable to reply last year to your letter, because it contained an absurd request, on which I did not even know how to explain with whom it was formulated. It was addressed not to me, but to a communist, prayed as such to do something that is contrary to the elementary rules, to meddle in what is none of his business; and I confess that a certain affection for you, not completely erased, kept me from writing to you what I could only write to you. The abyss of error and indigence on the possible report. The abyss of ignorance before me, the possible interpretations of any letter, harmful not to me; I preferred not to write to you.

There is no need to invoke here and so much worse if it costs me today. That said, I appreciate from afar that you're taking the party's interest. The interest of the [communist] party. You're not judging how I serve him. And that said, let's not dramatize anything: my presence or absence did not depend on whether or not there was a man dead.

Making it resonate, in parallel with our unfortunate little business, is quite unfair. 4°/ Of course, you were not obliged by a few words said to dinner, which simply had us (people very tired, not young, and not having to pay especially on this occasion you or such fish) led to upset our plans of rest, the use of the poor time as stolen which is called our vacation - you were not obliged to dispose of your time according to us.

But last but not least, it was worth a phone call. And all that I knew about you, 15 years ago, like more recent readings, put me at a thousand places to believe you were capable of muflerie.

5°/ you will spare me from mingling with all this char, which can only judge by you. 6/° I don't admit that I'm being lectured, I admit even less that it's supposed to be done in esla.

And the Olympian tone of your letter proves to me that if there are those who get lost, it's just like kicking in the ass. This letter refers to a twofold circumstance.

The first is a voyage undertaken by aragon and elsa in provence, in August 1946. Elsa triolet had the project of a novel on resistance and tank, which had had important regional responsibilities in the maquis, had visibly agreed to give him some information or contacts in his area.

Elsa and aragon make the move to the Isle-sur-la-sorgue, but char their false fact, retained by the preparation of a film project (the sun of the waters); he warns them by a message from his wife who apparently arrives too late, but not by phone. Hence the reverence of aragon on the "muflery" of chariot, and his will to defend elsa, who had sent a furious letter to chariot. In short, a banal and unfortunate story of missed appointments, misunderstanding and skewed susceptibility. In the rejection of aragon, we note the political differences between the two writers: chariot, who was chief of maquis during the resistance, worked to support and help his former companions after liberation. For this, as he has done all his life, he seeks out friends and relationships that could help or recommend them.

It is a interpersonal relationship, a duty of friendship, solidarity after the test. The fact that chariot addresses communist aragon encourages the latter to refuse the request for a chariot precisely in the name of the party, meaning that he does not understand that the Communist party has its rules and that he does not have to judge the way in which aragon "serves the interests of the party". Aragon submitted to the party's directives while tank had always spoken in its own name.

But this incident has a wider scope as it is in fact part of the wake of resistance. Aragon probably alludes to what was called at the time "the cerest affair" (December 1945-January 1946): cereste, a small village of the low-alps where tank had installed its command post during the resistance, had supported its action in an exemplary manner until liberation. But with the return of peace in the village, personal enmity and political opposition gave rise to a campaign of denunciations and a cabal against the resistors, all this orchestrated by the communist newspaper red-midday, whose correspondent in the low-alps, himself a former member of the tank group, developed for more than a month in this newspaper a series of (false) accusations of theft (especially of clothes or wheat that had in fact been given to the guerrillas) against the comrades of tank resistance. Char was very shocked by the raids carried out on his friends of cereste (and especially on the one who was his companion during the resistance) and reacts with posters and articles in the local press and in action, weekly in the communist movement.

This campaign was indeed part of a broader action aimed at deconstructing the leaders of the non-communist resistance. At the end of January, the accused were exonerated and the case seemed to be over; but shortly thereafter, it was reported that one of his closest companions of resistance had just been murdered in Manoscus (28 February 1946). Char saw there the result of the manoeuvring of the correspondent in the afternoon and wrote to aragon (May 5, 1946) and to other members of the Communist Party so that this slanderer would be excluded from the Communist Party. Perhaps this request was not answered by aragon. It is likely that tank kept to aragon this absence of intervention.

And in any case, the political differences were such between the Antistalinian tank on the one hand, and the aragon-triole communists on the other, that their reconciliation in 1945-beginning 1946, in the memory of the resistance, remained fragile. That is why a missed appointment and a misunderstanding will have sufficed to cause the rupture. In a letter of 9 August 1946 to Aragon, tank explains the causes of his hasty departure from the Isle on Sorgue: "I wrote to you and had a letter deposited at your home [.

] I will therefore repeat and transcribe the addresses of qualified comrades in the vaucluse to provide Elsa with facts of resistance worthy of his book in preparation. " Triolet added in a letter also dated August 9: "I wonder what we did, louis and I, to deserve such a lack of consideration". Char will eventually reply to our letter, the next 11 August: my dear offended, I acknowledge the reception of your little crisis. As for the final cleavage you will simply allow me to find moved and obscene the rapprochement of my ass and your foot [.

I think you're stupidly dangerous because you're not a grown-up yet, but you're madly persecuted. René char - laurent greilsamer, tempus, 2012. This item is in the category "collections\letters, old papers\autographs\others". The seller is "laurent-autographs" and is located in this country: fr. This item can be shipped to the following country: whole world.

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Louis Aragon / Signed Autograph Letter To René Char / Foot In The Ass    Louis Aragon / Signed Autograph Letter To René Char / Foot In The Ass