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Joseph Staline Autograph Letter Signed Censorship Of The Tyrant In 1931 Russia

Joseph Staline Autograph Letter Signed Censorship Of The Tyrant In 1931 Russia
Joseph Staline Autograph Letter Signed Censorship Of The Tyrant In 1931 Russia
Joseph Staline Autograph Letter Signed Censorship Of The Tyrant In 1931 Russia
Joseph Staline Autograph Letter Signed Censorship Of The Tyrant In 1931 Russia

Joseph Staline Autograph Letter Signed Censorship Of The Tyrant In 1931 Russia    Joseph Staline Autograph Letter Signed Censorship Of The Tyrant In 1931 Russia

The autograph bookstore of the centuries has specialized, for many years, in the sale of autograph letters, and manuscripts. An in-folio page (210 x 298 mm), with a red face, in Russian.

Who I have to put pressure on. Rare letter from the Russian tyrant, as general secretary of the Communist Party, helping the communist activist. I have to insult you. To read your work, or even give it a preface. Three months ago, I was yellowing.

Could satisfy your request (I was glad to do), but now - believe me - I am deprived of the opportunity to. Practical work that exceeds expectations. As far as I'm concerned.

The output of \"hydrocental\" and. Then I'll do it without fail. Who I have to lobby to make the deal move from a standstill. At the beginning of the massive lindustrialization of Russia, Stalin wrote to the propaganda author marietta shaginyan: he offered to ensure the release of his book and to remove any hostile reaction to it!

This autographed letter, signed, of a rarity, is a new testimony of the omnipotence of the Soviet tyrant. The western gaze, no doubt skewed by the Soviet contribution to the allied victory in 1945, no doubt minimized the terrible dictatorship that Stalin inflicted on Russia and the Soviet bloc.

Let us recall the journey of iossif vissarionovich djougachvili, better known as Joseph Stalin. An anonymous Bolshevik of the October revolution, Stalin became in a few years the despotic ruler of lurs. Establishing a regime of terror and the most accomplished personal dictatorship of the modern era, he is considered by historians to be the greatest mass criminal of all time, responsible to varying degrees for the deportation and death of nearly twenty million souls.

To rise to the head of this empire, Stalin showed an exceptional political sense: intriguing, manoeuvring, and drawing on the all-powerful bureaucracy of the party and its police apparatus. Installed at the top of the state, it creates an unprecedented climate of terror, suppressing all opponents, rigging trials, incessantly resorting to propaganda and encouraging a delirium of denunciations of all kinds.

In 1931, the year this letter was written, Stalin began what he called the \"collectivization\" of land, a quinquennal plan that actually abolished private property and starved his people. The peasant revolts that followed were drowned in blood. This is precisely the subject of the hydrocentral novel referred to in this letter. She was one of the \"travel companions\" of the 1920s led by the Serapion brothers and became one of the most prolific communist writers of the time, experimenting with satirico-fantasy fiction.

The content of hydrocentra was precisely related to the economic and political objectives of Stalin at the time. Marietta shaginyan was one of the most interesting Soviet authors for the Stalinist system: it was read and adhered to the Communist Party line. Behind the words, and beyond their original meaning, several ideas appear, and in filigree, the personality of their author, the almighty Stalinist.

\"Just tell me specifically who I need to put pressure on.\" What appears very clearly in this letter is the work of propaganda carried out by Stalin to serve his person and his regime.

By offering support to an official message, and proposing, as can be read, the removal of any opposing person and any dissenting voice: \"with regard to the acceleration of the output of \"hydrocental\" and your protection from attacks out of measure of a \"critical\" criticism - then I will do so without fail.\" \"Critical criticism\" must not exist in the Ussr!

This letter perfectly illustrates the organization set up and controlled by Stalin for the suppression of fundamental freedoms in Russia, and freedom of expression in the first place. Even more terrifying to note: the character trait of j.

Stalin underlying this letter: his absolute and constant concern to control everything, his control over the smallest details. Consider that he is then one of the most influential men in the world. Nevertheless, he practises direct intervention, in a case of a seemingly low degree, taking the pen to personally respond to the solicitation of a novelist, and offer him directly his services. \"I must ask you that I do not have the opportunity, at this time, to read your work, or even to give it a preface.

\" His biographers, and in particular Montefiore, have put a lot of emphasis on this behavior and this way of directing. With a prodigious brain, capable of working two dozen hours a day, the little father of the peoples wanted to establish a closeness with every writer, every general, every director dusins all this for one purpose: to maintain his influence, control, and maintain a hellish pressure of deterrence on any potential opponent. It is also this impressive daily work that is referred to in this letter. \"I am deprived of the opportunity to satisfy you because of a daily overload of practical work that exceeds expectations\" Stalinist sexcuse.

His involvement in literary publications also speaks volumes about the Soviet system. The travesty of truth into an official message truly responds to a desire to brainwash.

In the words of Dandreï jdanov, \"writers must become engineers of souls. Paranoid, in search of absolute control, Stalin managed to control everything.

Warned of all the attempts that could be prepared against him as soon as they began to organize, Stalin had understood, before Adolf Hitler, the need for a police state - the guerrilla - allowing him to control collaborators and leaders. Hitler copia stalin and the gestapo sinspira very closely from the guerrillas. The letters of Joseph Stalin are rare, insignia rare.

Those written in the world, as is the case here, are even more so, since from 1933, Stalin will write more than by pencil. We are thus in the presence of moon of the last letters written in the world. Indeed, as well as the example yves cohen in his article letters as action: stalin in the early 1930s , published in 1997 in the notebooks of the Russian world, a clear rupture in the Stalinal scripture between the years 1931/1932 and 1933. Before this switch, stalin letters were written in a green (variously green, black or purple) and a coherent and tight print.

After that, Stalin wrote his missives in pencil, systematically, giving a greasy described impression, and sometimes writing more than one word per line. This described change being the incontestable sign of a mental shift in the mind of the Soviet tyrant. The suicide of his wife nadejda allilouieva, in the kremlin on November 8, 1932, again prompted Stalin to dinfinis and constant paranoid delusions. He died on March 5, 1953, leaving the oldest tyrant of the 20th century.

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  1. stalring characteristics: signed
  2. langue: Russian
  3. time: 1900 to 1960

Joseph Staline Autograph Letter Signed Censorship Of The Tyrant In 1931 Russia    Joseph Staline Autograph Letter Signed Censorship Of The Tyrant In 1931 Russia