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Joseph Stalin Autograph Letter Signed Censorship Of The Tyrant In 1931 Russia

Joseph Stalin Autograph Letter Signed Censorship Of The Tyrant In 1931 Russia

Joseph Stalin Autograph Letter Signed Censorship Of The Tyrant In 1931 Russia    Joseph Stalin Autograph Letter Signed Censorship Of The Tyrant In 1931 Russia

The bookstore autograph centuries has specialized for many years in the sale of autograph letters and manuscripts. A folio page (210 x 298 mm) to lencre violet, Russian. On that I have to apply pressure.

Extremely rare letter from the Russian tyrant, as General Secretary of the Communist Party, coming to the aid lactiviste communist. I have mexcuser from you.

Read your piece, or even give it a preface. There are three months jaurais. Able to satisfy your request (laurais I gladly did), but now - believe me - I am deprived of the opportunity.

In practical work that exceeds expectations. The release of \Your protection against. Of critical \So I will do that. On that I have to push for that the case moves from its neutral position.

At the beginning of mass industrialization of Russia, Stalin wrote to author propaganda Marietta Shaginyan: he proposes dassurer the release of his book and remove any hostile reaction to it! This autograph letter signed dune badge rarity, is further evidence of the omnipotence of Soviet tyrant. The west Western eyes, probably biased by the Soviet contribution to the Allied victory in 1945, has probably minimized leffroyable dictatorship that Stalin did suffer in Russia and the Soviet bloc. Let us recall the path of Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, better known under the name of Joseph Stalin. Dinsurgé anonymous Bolshevik doctobre the revolution, Stalin has become in recent years the leader of the USSR despot.

Establishing a regime of terror and the personal dictatorship of the most successful modern era, it is considered by historians as the greatest criminal of the masses of all time, responsible for the deportation of varying degrees and the death of nearly twenty ladies million. To hit the head of this empire Stalin had shows of a unique political sense: intriguing, manuvrant, and relying on the powerful all the bureaucracy of the party and its police apparatus. Located on top of the state, it establishes an unprecedented climate of terror, suppressing all opposition, rigging trial using incessantly to propaganda and encouraging a frenzy of denunciations of all kinds. In 1931, when this letter was written, Stalin has begun what it called the \The peasant revolts that followed will be drowned in blood. This is precisely the subject of the novel hydrocentral discussed in this letter.

It was one of the \The content of the hydrocentra was precisely linked to economic and political aims of Stalin at the time. Marietta Shaginyan was one of the most interesting Soviet writers for the Stalinist system: it was read and adhered to the Communist Party line. Behind the words, and beyond their original meaning, many ideas appear, and filigree, the personality of their author, the almighty Stalin. \This appears very clearly indeed in this letter Luvre this is propaganda carried out by Stalin to serve him and his regime. By offering support for an official message, and proposing, as can be read opposite the removal of any person and any dissenting voice \attacks outside measurement of critical \The \This letter perfectly illustrates the organization established and controlled by Stalin for the suppression of fundamental freedoms in Russia, and freedom of expression in the first place. Even more frightening to note: the trait of character j. Stalin underlying this letter: its absolute and constant desire to control everything, his control over the smallest details. Consider that it is now one of the most influential man in the world. Nevertheless he practiced direct The intervention in a case of a degree of importance seems low, taking the pen to personally respond to the solicitation of a writer of novels, and propose its services directly.

\His biographers, including Montefiore, made much of this behavior and this way to lead. This is also of this impressive daily work referred to in this letter. \His involvement in literary publications also speaks volumes about the Soviet system. The travesty of the truth in an official message truly responds to a brainwashing will. In the words dandreï Zhdanov \Paranoid and is quietly absolute grip quest, Stalin managed to control everything.

Aware of all the attempts that could prepare against him from linstant where they began to organize themselves, Stalin understood before Adolf Hitler, the need for a policy détat - GPU - enables it to monitor employees and officers. Hitler and Stalin copied Gestapo sinspira closely GPU. The letters joseph stalin are rare insignement rare. Those written in lencre, as this is the case here, are even more, puisquà from 1933, Stalin nécrira more quau pencil. We are thus faced moon of the last letters written lencre.

In fact, as lexplique Yves Cohen in his article letters like Action: Stalin in the early 1930s, published in 1997 in the notebooks of the Russian world, a sopère obvious break in the writing of Stalin between the years 1931/1932 and 1933. Before this shift, the letters of Stalin are written lencre (variously green, black, purple) and dune coherent and tight script. After that Stalin wrote his letters in pencil systematically giving décriture greasy impression, and sometimes more nécrivant quun one word per line. This change is décriture lincontestable sign of a mental changeover in the minds of the Soviet tyrant. The suicide of his wife nadejda allilouieva in the Kremlin, November 8, 1932, Stalin still pushed to dinfinis constant and paranoid delusions. He died March 5, 1953 leaving the imprint of the most absolute tyrant of the twentieth century. Check our gallery autograph manuscripts of centuries specializes in the sale and the expertise of autograph letters and manuscripts of the great personalities of the past centuries. Buy / payment methods we accept the following payment methods: bank transfers and checks. All prices are in Euros and are net. Shipping All shipments are made by registered mail with insurance at fixed price of 10 for France and 20 for the rest of the world. We can also carry out shipments by private carrier to your request. Conditions of Sale that complies with the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers, we accept a guarantee of return within 14 days. The return costs are borne by the buyer.

About ViaMichelin proposed pieces are originals which we guarantee authenticity. Our invoices as proof of authenticity hold parts sold. However, at your request, we can issue a certificate of authenticity, extra. The item \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

Joseph Stalin Autograph Letter Signed Censorship Of The Tyrant In 1931 Russia    Joseph Stalin Autograph Letter Signed Censorship Of The Tyrant In 1931 Russia