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Hans Bellmer 20 Autograph Letters Signed To Dr. Ferdière. 40 Handwritten Pages

Hans Bellmer 20 Autograph Letters Signed To Dr. Ferdière. 40 Handwritten Pages
Hans Bellmer 20 Autograph Letters Signed To Dr. Ferdière. 40 Handwritten Pages
Hans Bellmer 20 Autograph Letters Signed To Dr. Ferdière. 40 Handwritten Pages

Hans Bellmer 20 Autograph Letters Signed To Dr. Ferdière. 40 Handwritten Pages    Hans Bellmer 20 Autograph Letters Signed To Dr. Ferdière. 40 Handwritten Pages
The autograph bookstore of the centuries has specialized, for many years, in the sale of autograph letters, and manuscripts. Autograph correspondence signed to doctor gaston ferdière.

Exceptional set of twenty autograph letters signed, a signed typed letter, a card and a signed autograph note, more than forty handwritten pages of the Franco-German artist. Various formats in-8, in 4. February 3, 1948 - December 4, 1965. Seizing and poignant correspondence addressed by Hans bellmer to his psychiatrist gaston ferdière (who also followed Antonin artaud to rodez). The German artist indulges in it without blush, evoking his addictions, his fears, while at the same time being aware of the interest of these pages for the understanding of his work.

These handwritten pages offer us an exciting dive into the psychic and artistic universe of bellmer. It is of course about psychiatry but also art, creation, surrealism, fear, derotism, max ernst. The correspondence begins the day after the liberation around a publication project (which never saw the light of day) initiated by Gaston Ferdière, chief medical officer of the psychiatric hospital of Rodez (where he treated artaud).

A maverick, the psychiatrist had been with the surrealists since the 1930s, with a particular interest in perversions and eroticism in bellmering. These first exchanges followed a period of silence of fifteen years, probably due to the move of bellmer to Paris. Their contacts resumed in December 1963 at an opening of bellmer in Paris where the doctor had also settled in 1961.

Bellmer attended a lecture by the saint-year psychiatrist devoted to raymond roussel and offered him a top copy of his anatomy of the image, \"a capricious and still good book\" (February 2, 1964). Their exchanges then resume on October 3 with this call. From bellmer: \"My depression began Christmas 1959 death of my mother in Berlin - I overcame it (work) until the first internment of unica (in Berlin). Since I am not particularly paranoid or schizophrenic, I have used alcohol.

For months I no longer work (alcohol and detective novels and barbiturates)\". He asked for an emergency rehab in Paris, because the denoel house intends to dedicate an important work to him. Its \"organism would not withstand the usual horse cure.\" After an interview, and the organization of his treatment in a nursing home, bellmer adds: \"Needless to tell you that I belong to the category of cases, which, more or less unconsciously, do not want (more) to be cured\" (October 6, 1964). On October 16, installed at the \"orchids\" in andilly, bellmer worries about the fate of unica, also interned, and his works exhibited by the gallery owner jeans hugues at the cardinal point.

\"What scares me in a more general sense is that unica is as magnetically attracted to merchants, who cynically took advantage of his illness. And she doesn't ignore it at all!

Unica imagines that max ernst will protect her from this gallery, which lives, essentially, from the sale max ernst. There, unica is deluding itself, unfortunately.\" An extraordinary, long and poignant strip-to-bare artist follows in the letter of November 1 and 2, 1964. Bellmer sketches an anamnesis and takes stock of his work.

- well, like everyone else, I would love and be loved. What is more worrying is that the conditions to achieve this goal a little very absolute, are not very favorable for me at the moment, because of my age, my physical and mental condition, and, again, my character that makes me less and less bearable to other people and not only to unica (which takes itself in a state of ascending or descending crisis for a frigidaire). To be brief: without a female presence or, at least the hope of having one in the near future, my desire to work, let's say draw, is non-existent, as is non-existent at the moment (medical treatment) any sexual desire.

Although I am far from considering eroticism, I mean reciprocal delirium, as a very predominant element of this complexity called love, the fact is that eroticism often goes as far as the \"scandalous\" completely predominates in my work and in my desire to work. Even though I had become old, totally lonely and helpless, I would feel at home - just like the other - in public houses. The atmosphere, its fragrance, and its scandalous aesthetic, improbable, would certainly make me want to make beautiful drawings or paintings. But there hasn't been any since hitler and petain! Anyway I'm afraid of this winter. An impersonal hotel room - to run away?

And the danger of the easy, poor solution: alcohol? I repeat: I'm afraid! He then mentions the death of his first wife from tuberculosis at the age of 30, their life together in Berlin and the first crisis of unica: \"... In a state of crisis, [she] knows how to be freezing biting towards me, hurtful to the max. Before the first crisis I had responded to him in the same way, as we respond to someone who intentionally hurts you with some pleasure.

This last time, on the island of Ré, I hardly reacted, knowing she was sick. I succeeded in doing so with the help of the old friend of the Berchotteau to have her accepted under free hospitalization, while categorically refusing to ask for her internment. Bellmer also talks about his second marriage to Castres, his two twin daughters lost sight of them since their fourth year and the sometimes very valuable friends he has had since: \"all were about 15 years younger than me, with one or two exceptions, but these were not very thorough cases.\" Then he returns to the case of dunica - \"remains to know that I sniffed right away (1953, autumn, west Berlin) from the first meeting (opening) into unica a victim - and his work, his remarkable gift of automatic drawing supporting a graphic \"melody\" without rupture.

His writings revealed a striking sensitivity, literary gift and creative force.\" The internment of a berlin unica, to which he was unprepared, pushed him into alcohol.

He concluded: \"I am not particularly exposed to the psycho-pathological threat. I have become a distrust, a Strindbergian prudence, without abandoning for it my taste for the scandalous erotic. Aware of the interest of these \"9 pages of tight text\", he asks the Ferdière doctor to keep these letters that concern me for the ed case.

Denoel that a valuable writer would like to study my personal data closely. In the following letters, we talk about his detoxification - the withdrawal of alcohol is less painful than that of cigarettes: \"When you smoke about 80 cigarettes a day for 30 years you do not go down from one day to the next to 16 cigarettes. It also goes back on \". The question \"contagion\" by unica (or \"transfer\") I think I have said it all: rapid increase in my desire to intoxicate myself and, of course, the increase in my fear of desire? From 18 November, the psychic state of unica once again occupies the whole place in its correspondence.

There he was concerned about his relationship with jeans hugues, including an interview with her in the form of a dialogue (November 20, 1964). From 4 December, their exchanges bedated and ended with a few brief words at the end of 1965. The correspondence was published in the Seguier editions in 1994 (hans bellmer, unica z-rn, letters to the Ferdière doctor). Check out our manuscripts the autograph gallery of the centuries specializes in the sale and the expertise of autograph letters and manuscripts of the great personalities of past centuries.

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Hans Bellmer 20 Autograph Letters Signed To Dr. Ferdière. 40 Handwritten Pages    Hans Bellmer 20 Autograph Letters Signed To Dr. Ferdière. 40 Handwritten Pages