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François Mitterrand Signed Autograph Letter. 6 Pages. War Letter. 1940

François Mitterrand Signed Autograph Letter. 6 Pages. War Letter. 1940
François Mitterrand Signed Autograph Letter. 6 Pages. War Letter. 1940
François Mitterrand Signed Autograph Letter. 6 Pages. War Letter. 1940
François Mitterrand Signed Autograph Letter. 6 Pages. War Letter. 1940
François Mitterrand Signed Autograph Letter. 6 Pages. War Letter. 1940
François Mitterrand Signed Autograph Letter. 6 Pages. War Letter. 1940

François Mitterrand Signed Autograph Letter. 6 Pages. War Letter. 1940    François Mitterrand Signed Autograph Letter. 6 Pages. War Letter. 1940

For many years, the autograph library has specialized in the sale of autograph letters and manuscripts. Signed autograph letter to marie-louise terrace, so-called Langeese catherine. What a sadness if lallemagne took the step on us.

Beautiful and long letter of war while lallemagne continues its advance. "My beloved darling, I will never see the end of this day! No letter from you this morning, so, two days of silence, and I'm waiting for tomorrow's mail with anxiety.

I've been hanging around all day; I want to do nothing, not even dream about you for fear of suffering too much. Not that I doubt you, darling! But trust does not prevent trouble. I love you, honey, and I can't do without you. What increases my concern is, beside me, the letters received very regularly by my comrades and which usually take 3 days to reach us.

Finally, darling, if our love is a source of grief when we are separated, it is at the same time a consolation, more than that, a very sweet joy. I love to, and write these lines puts me back in front of you, staring at my sadness.

I see you in your beauty, my darling little fiancée, with my wonderful desire and my love; I see you my peach and all sapaise, everything becomes simple. My darling little woman, where comes this power that is in you: everything you possess is full of delights. What a privilege for me, since these delights you give me. I was forced to celebrate the 3rd of our engagement on my own.

But your presence in me remains so alive that my loneliness is full of you. What a hurry to find yourself, to hold your arms, to love you according to our desire, to cover you with caresses as in the past, better than in the past.

How eager to possess you, darling. I know so much that our happiness will be crazy. In one of your letters, you told me that after our marriage, we would spend ten days (if, during the war) of delight and madness.

Yes, both alone, forgetful of the rest of the world. I remember in the slightest pleasure, that everything with you was wonderful drunkenness. My beloved wife, as I understand that we love you, that all men surround you, want you for them. And again, what they want, they don't know the truth more delicious than their dreams. But I, by what you've given, now know my happiness. Just tuck around with my arms, hold you against me for a moment, and no joy ever existed. The pleasure itself, I did not know what it was before touching your hand, before our first kiss so simple, before our first caresses and happiness, much more so. If the war were not there, this month of June would be incomparable. With the sun, the clarity of the sky, the explosion of life contained in each leaf, in every tree, in everything we could well compose to our tenderness a decor to its measure. I think of the lost walks, the evenings that will not take place now, the first hours of the night that would be for us the occasion of the sweetest abandonments before the long-desired abandonment that will give you to me, and me to you, in boundless love, unimaginable. I am thinking of the caresses that I have given to you, the more intoxicating ones that will unite us, since our marriage will remove all separation, reveal to us all the treasures, all the tenderness that lives in each one of us. I am thinking of our agreement in all, of our common will to use our love for good, to make our life a beautiful work, intelligent, clear, solid and freed according to our forces from the little ones who are too often born out of lack of love. I am thinking of a life that would be made of a wonderful habit: our love, and an absence of habits: the mimes of love, the daily mediocrites.

No doubt we will suffer them sometimes because we are far from perfect, but we will never be slaves: our love will save us from all that is ugly. And I think above all that this is not a dream, that this exaltation of all my being before you, that this joy of my heart, my senses, my spirit before you, my beloved, I have known them.

That every time we were together, I felt that I was better, closer to the truth, to beauty. My darling little marizouchou, I love you. What are you doing in Jarnac? How do you fill your days?

Don't you get bored too much? You must begin to know every being, every street, leave the house and leave the country! How pretty you must be in those streets you walk for me, because of me, because we love each other.

Your bodice, your skirt, your stockings, your shoes? Do you bear those whom I loved because they were a little of you, who were the companions of our tenderness? Your engagement dress, which was also the dress of our lovers. My beloved, tell me all this. And your lipstick, your perfume. In the evening, when you are cleansed, do you reserve your lips, your soft skin, your caresses for the night? And in the morning, when you get up, do you think I could be there? You in pajamas and dressing gown and our breakfast is getting cold because we're too busy, too wonderfully busy. Honey, honey, I love this name and my beloved treasure and my darling love, it was so fun, so moving to be named that way by laughing.

If you were to reach my arms, my very little girl so woman, so sure of her power. Thanks to you, I feel the life hanging in me. The war may have helped to find the truer sources of my beliefs by forcing me to consider myself thoroughly, to consider destiny. My beloved goddess, my little zoo, you've always remained infinitely close to me. In me are written these words that you were writing: don't forget that our love goes first and foremost, is all.

And I obeyed it was not nothing! First of all, before death and its presence. My darling ray of sunshine, if later you fulfill your role as well, I will be the happiest man in the world. But pray earnestly, in peace, joy, calm, pray for us, that we may live our life, that we may live it in the clear perception of the true, that we may live it in harmony with God.

And I am amazed to love you as I felt that it was necessary to love to experience the deepest joys. Write me long letters, but tell me that you're in control. I give you my sweetest kisses my peach honey, and I take your mouth, my kingdom, with the tenderness you know.

A higher echelon that doesn't make much difference to my situation. You see me in a while, warrant officer! In any case, there is only one way to contribute to the salvation of France. Sergeant or something, I'll give it to me with so much decision.

What a sadness if lallemagne took the step on us; we civilized. Marie-louise terrace, met on 28 January 1938, during the prom of the École Normale Supérieure, Francois mitterrand with whom, although only 15 years old, she was engaged. Mitterrand will write more than 300 letters to the one he called zou. Check out our manuscripts The Autograph Gallery of Centuries specializes in the sale and expertise of autograph letters and manuscripts of the great personalities of past centuries. Purchase / payment methods we accept the following methods of payment: transfers and bank cheques.

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François Mitterrand Signed Autograph Letter. 6 Pages. War Letter. 1940    François Mitterrand Signed Autograph Letter. 6 Pages. War Letter. 1940