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Empress Eugenie De Montijo / Signed Autograph Letter / Back To Paris

Empress Eugenie De Montijo / Signed Autograph Letter / Back To Paris

Empress Eugenie De Montijo / Signed Autograph Letter / Back To Paris   Empress Eugenie De Montijo / Signed Autograph Letter / Back To Paris
Autograph letter signed "eugénie" to marie-Thérèse bartholoni prince's gate sw [lendres], November 26, [1881], 5 p. In-8 on mourning paper numbering another hand in upper margin on two sheets, trace of moulding. Exceptional and magnificent letter of the empress eugénie, making the moving account of her return to Paris after the disaster of 1870, exile and deuils. The shadows of a glorious past mark the melancholic journey, mixing itself with the inconsolable memory, with the tragedy of a present without a future. Thank you for your letter of 15(1).

I can't tell you about a date that today can only awaken painful memories. My paris pass was sad for me but it gave me the opportunity to see a few people that their state of health prevents me from coming to see. I also visited fountainbleau (2), the invalids, our lady, st-cloud and n.

Victories, looking everywhere for a trace of a memory. I passed the tiles, too. I saw the windows of the room where my son was born!! And after a two-day stay with my niece of monchy, I left for the angleterre(3). I didn't want to see anyone outside of those I came to see and I didn't even warn those who were surprised to see me coming. The figaro says today that giving in to the nostalgia of bets, I will return bourgeoisly to this city (4). I have and cannot have no nostalgia other than that of this unknown homeland where we rejoice those whom we loved. I will never consent to return bourgeoisly where the ashes of mine are forbidden. If other princes of old race forget what they are to enjoy betting pleasures, I consider our illustration too recent to have lost memory and dignity. The widow of napoleon iii remains and will remain close to those who died in exile. If the author of the article knew me, she would never have given this news, very uninteresting, moreover, for everyone, because I must be forgotten now, even in the city that I have so much lived and loved. My memories to the children and believe in my affectionate feelings. In mid-October 1881, no longer representing a danger to the republican regime, whose seat had been considerably strengthened after the tragic death of the imperial prince on the 1st.

June 1879, the empress eugénie asked the government for permission to return to bets. A desire to regain the imprint of this prestigious and radiant past, but also the ghostly silhouettes of the beings and places dear to him, inspired this approach. The sorrow, the powerful and violent emotions had to accompany him.

Madame bartholoni held a brilliant salon, which inspired marcel proust. The spiritual conversation of the ancient "beautiful of the empire" seems to have inspired him strongly. [1] The holy eugenics was celebrated on November 15th. Under the empire, on the occasion of this event, great joys were organized.

[2] The Empress made a brief visit to Fountainbleau on Tuesday, October 25, 1881. The press had quietly echoed it. The Gauls of October 28, 1881 made appear a brief account of the visit of eugénie to the castle: "His majesty was accompanied by m.

The Viscount and the vicomtesse aguado and m. The apartments were shown to him by one of the service agents. Although the empress has retained her great air of distinction and devoutness, she is very changed; her hair is completely white.

She continues to wear mourning clothes, as she has done ever since the death of the emperor. The august visitor could not overcome her emotion when she arrived at the apartment - one of the most modest of the palace - once occupied by the imperial prince". [3] the Empress left Boulogne-sur-mer on Wednesday evening, November 2, and sailed on the folkestone boat (the Gauls of November 4, 1881). [4] the figaro, dated the same day (November 26, 1881), published under an enigmatic signature: "andincelle", the following article: "the empress eugénie would intend to come here as a simple bourgeois.

The empress has the nostalgia of our bet, of this bet that loved his son; and it seems to him that we can weep less bitterly, since at least we can shake the hand of his friends, speaking of the past with them." This item is in the category "collections\letters, old papers\autographs\others". The seller is "laurent-autographs" and is located in this country: fr. This item can be shipped to the following country: whole world.

    Time: beautiful epoch
  1. theme: history, politics
  2. type: signed autograph letter
  3. number of pages: 5

Empress Eugenie De Montijo / Signed Autograph Letter / Back To Paris   Empress Eugenie De Montijo / Signed Autograph Letter / Back To Paris