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Coll. Henry Davray Autography Letter Signed Stuart Merrill (poetist Writer) 1896

Coll. Henry Davray Autography Letter Signed Stuart Merrill (poetist Writer) 1896
Coll. Henry Davray Autography Letter Signed Stuart Merrill (poetist Writer) 1896
Coll. Henry Davray Autography Letter Signed Stuart Merrill (poetist Writer) 1896
Coll. Henry Davray Autography Letter Signed Stuart Merrill (poetist Writer) 1896
Coll. Henry Davray Autography Letter Signed Stuart Merrill (poetist Writer) 1896

Coll. Henry Davray Autography Letter Signed Stuart Merrill (poetist Writer) 1896   Coll. Henry Davray Autography Letter Signed Stuart Merrill (poetist Writer) 1896

From the ancient archives or personal collections of Henry d. We will find, sold individually, many letters of stuart merrill in particular, but also other French or English-language writers of the time, publishers, directors of literary journals, &c... By its real name Henry durand, it is also known as feathers of. Henry Davray was, at the beginning of the 20th century, a prominent vulgarizer of English-language literature by translating and introducing the works of Oscar wilde, rudyard kipling, frank harris, h. Wells, joseph conrad or george meredith.

He created several journals, the best known of which is the Anglo-French review. After the First World War, his action in favor of the spread of English prose earned him to become the most famous French in the literary circles of Great Bretagne where he settled in 1940 after being made commander of the order of the British Empire by King George vi. Davray was responsible for the "English letters" section of france mercury from 1896 onwards.

He was the first translator of deeps and the ballad of the reading pole of Oscar wilde in 1898, and he also translated in French a large part of the opening of h. (of which the war of the worlds celebrates). Literary critic, journalist, translator, writer. Henry durand-davray (born 14 August 1873 in Gennevilliers) and died 21 January 1944 in London.

Is a French translator and literary critic. A specialist in English literature at the prestigious Parisian newspaper the mercury of france, he translated the works of h. Wells, rudyard kipling, oscar wilde and yeats into French. During the First World War, he was a war correspondent and official delegate of the French government.

He is the brother-in-law of the painter Georges dola. Born of a Vosgian father, Jean-lucien-henry durand, gardener, and an Occitan mother. A woman-of-chambre and then a cook, he developed from his youth a profound aversion to Germany and an attraction for the angleter where he spent most of his holidays. He began studying English in the Sorbonne, but was unable to obtain a diploma because of his prolonged absences. Nevertheless, it acquires a vast culture that allows it to integrate and evolve into artistic, political and literary circles, both in London and in Paris.

He met many writers, including those from the h. Wells circle: arnold bennett and joseph conrad. In 1917, he was one of the founders of the Anglo-French society (Anglo-French society) whose aim was to promote cordial understanding: his friends then affectionately nicknamed him: "the tunnel under the handle".

When after being released from prison in 1897, Oscar wilde stayed for some time in naples, henry-d. Davray made his acquaintance, having obtained his address, the villa giudice in pausilippe, thanks to ernest dowson, a close friend of the writer. The two men meet again by chance while, towards the end of his life, Oscar wilde is in need. Having had to cancel an appointment to receive it, wilde asks for money to davray and offers him in exchange a signed copy of the evil duchess of john webster. A poet of American nationality, Stuart Merrill spent his childhood in Paris, where his father belonged to the Embassy of the United States. At the condorcet high school, he is the condisciple of some of the future symbolists, reborn ghil, andre fontainas and ephraim mikhaël among others. The French language seduces him and he acquires a very rich poetic culture. There, he was the spokesman for French poetry, especially the parnasse of which he was strongly influenced. At the same time, he learned the prosody of the English language. He published his first collection of verses, the ranges (1887), at the time. The reference to music is obvious and, like most other symbolists, it seeks to use words as notes on a staff, as elementary sounds that would be organized into a song.

While others, ghil for example, find unprecedented methods, such as verbal instrumentation, to reach this musicality, stuart merrill borrows from Anglo-Saxon poetry the process of alliteration; he systematically applies it and shows rather quickly the limits of such poetics. Fastes (1891), small autumn poems (1895) still bear the mark of this prosodic work; however stuart merrill gradually frees himself from any influence: the four seasons (1900) are already a much more personal and original evocation. Definitely fixed in france since 1890, merrill wrote numerous articles on symbolism. On both sides of the Atlantic, and thus contribute to the public's appreciation. But, a great admirer of the American poet walt whitman, he comes to a much more didactic poetry.

A voice in the crowd (1909) illustrates his love of humanity and his democratic ideal. Language is at the service of his conviction and he gains a foreign force to his first verses. The manifesto of symbolism, published by Jean moréas on September 18, 1886, appears as Stuart merrill stayed in the United States, which he had returned after his father's death. This is where he corresponded with his French friends and sent his first poems for publication.

"passionate in social justice, mixed with the Marxist movement, we then saw him in the streets of new york selling the leaves where the "four hundred" of the high society were denounced... Returning definitively in france, at the peak of symbolism, he published the fascists in 1891 and the little poems of autumn in 1895, opened a salon frequented by the symbolists at his home quai de bourbon à paris, supported Oscar wilde during his trial, and enthusiastically for. The Armenian cause and the defense of Captain Dreyfus. Collaborating with journals, pen and hermitage, he linked his poetic writing to a commitment. Politics under the sign of anarchism.

"What makes the strength of symbolist theory is precisely its anarchy. It asks the poet only to be significant, that is, individual, and to reveal himself, thought and emotion, by images as general as possible. Yes, symbolism is anarchism in literature; instead of swindling between two dates, like m. Zola, or getting all alive in a mummy box, like m.

Leconte de lisle, he walks his glorious fantasy by lands and ages, and cares little that the riches he collects come from golconde or ophir. His attachment to the free worm and the free worm, free from the constraints of the metric, is therefore understood. However, beyond the structure, it is inspiration that is at the heart of his poetic approach: "the poet's talent alone justifies or condemns his metric. An autograph letter signed by Stuart Merrill. Ask Henry Davray to shorten a text that he will publish in the journal.

The pen, dedicated to william morris who just died. William Morris (born 24 March 1834 in Walthamstow, Essex and died 3 October 1896 in Hammersmith, London) is a manufacturer, textile designer, printer, writer, poet, lecturer, painter, draftsman and British architect, famous both for his literary works, his libertarian political commitment, his publishing work and his creations in the field of decorative arts, as a member of the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood, which are among the sources of the arts & crafts movement that had one of the most important influences in this field in the Great Bretagne in the 20th century. My dear Aramaic with flower beard. Yes, that old Yankee shaver still addresses you. Here, I get so many morris number memberships that I have to ask everyone to do rather short than long I think you asked for a whole page of the pen, little text.

But of course it is not to the detriment of what you have to say, and do two pages if it is necessary. I said and closed my razor; all your, stuart merrill. Beautiful letter in which one can note the degree of intimacy.

Very large binding the two men of letters. 1 sheet of beautiful white varnished paper, folded in its center forming 4pp. (folded: about 17,8x11,3cm). Very good general condition, very clean. This item is in the category "collections\letters, old papers\autographs\historical personalities". The seller is "amideslivres" and is located in this country: fr. This item can be shipped to the following country: whole world.
    Age: 1896
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Coll. Henry Davray Autography Letter Signed Stuart Merrill (poetist Writer) 1896   Coll. Henry Davray Autography Letter Signed Stuart Merrill (poetist Writer) 1896