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Circa 1942. Ww2. Vichy. Collaboration. Signed Autograph Letter. Benoist-mechin

Circa 1942. Ww2. Vichy. Collaboration. Signed Autograph Letter. Benoist-mechin
Circa 1942. Ww2. Vichy. Collaboration. Signed Autograph Letter. Benoist-mechin

Circa 1942. Ww2. Vichy. Collaboration. Signed Autograph Letter. Benoist-mechin    Circa 1942. Ww2. Vichy. Collaboration. Signed Autograph Letter. Benoist-mechin

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The longest dream in history. Sixty days that shook the west.

Jacques gabriel paul michel benoist-mechin, b. In the same city is an intellectual. He was sentenced to death in 1947 and then pardoned.

He had worked to create a "new Europe" with the Nazi power. And was considered an ultra of collaboration within the vichy regime.

He is known for his prolific work as a historian, his anticipations of the great movements of history and his knowledge of the Arab world. During the inter-war period, he published a history of the German army, then, after the war, a series of great biographies entitled the longest dream in history. Childhood, youth and years of training. The collaborator during the Second World War.

The writer and the historian. Jacques benoist-mechin was born in a cultured and bourgeois environment. He is the second child (the first being stillborn). From the second marriage of stanislas lucien alfred gabriel benoist. Dit baron benoist-mechin, with marie louise paulin gatel.

His father did not miss the title of an empire baron. In fact, the mother of the latter, married Elizabeth benoist born mechin, married to alfred benoist (receiver of finance), was the granddaughter of Alexander mechin. (1810), created baron mechin le. This filiation probably helped to develop his interest in the Napoleonic era. His childhood, however, was difficult, especially financially, because of his father's prodigy and remoteness.

This one's an adventurer. He has already made a long five-year journey through China, Japan and Russia, where he had married as his first wedding to the Baroness vera de zaltza, a Russian aristocrat, on the day. , then, attached to the legation from france to pekin. He bought there from Monsignor Favier, archbishop of the city, a prodigious collection of art objects which would later be the bulk of the collection's collection's fonds grandidier at theguimet museum.

To the early disappearance of this one. , there is nothing left of the important family fortune, jacques benoist-mechin therefore has to work to live. In his youth, he proved to be gifted with studies, able to translate the ancient authors, and developing a literary and musical sensitivity that led him to get an interview with proust.

And to maintain ties with the composer henri sauguet. Member of what was called "the musical school of archueil.

Too young to participate in the First World War. He nevertheless made him aware of the need to open up to the pacification of the European and, above all, to Franco-German reconciliation. He plays in the Antheil George Orchestra.

Who, living above the American bookstore shakespeare and company. Presented it to its owner sylvia beach.

And his friend, he's a monnier adrienne. There he met many writers like james joyce.

Adrienne monnier said about him. "No young man was as much the child of the house as he was...

I am very proud of our child. When sylvia beach was interned as an American citizen in 1943.

Benoist-mechin intervenes personally to have her released. As he fulfilled his military obligations, he was marked by the French occupation of the ruhr. Decided by poincaré and which, according to him, is not likely to promote Franco-German reconciliation.

A journalist particularly familiar with international issues, he went to New York in 1925. And will work at the American news service international news agency. From the randolph hearst press magnate. He then collaborates with the new Europe. She later dismissed him, reproaching him for his admiration for hitlering.

To which he dedicated a biography tracing his ascension. Then he became secretary general of the intransigent. His perfect mastery of German. It allows it to translate a large number of works.

Jacques benoist-mechin is openly in favour of Hitler and Nazism. He saw a regenerator of the European, then, once dominated, his federator. Pacifist, a supporter of a rapprochement with Germany, he became a familiar with otto abetz. The man to hitler en france in particular within the French-German committee. Of which he is a member.

To the French People's Party. (ppf), getting excited for the team gathered around doriot. By gabriel le roy laduria. "I do not hesitate to say that no French political party ever had such intellectual potential.

A book of quotes from kampf mein. Clarifications on mein kampf, where he claims that hitler is. "a visionary who has decided to realize his dream with the realism of a stateman." Elected the passages most violently hostile to the france, in transvestite others and emphasized that Hitler would oppose the france in itself less than Jewish domination over it.

Jacques benoist-mechin wearing a pin of the order of the francisque. After the defeat of 1940. Jacques benoist-mechin who was mobilized as a soldier of. Because of his mastery of the German language, he was immediately assigned the role of interpreter by the victors and, although still a prisoner, in August he was appointed head of the delegation of prisoners of war to berlin to georges scapini. Responsible for assisting French prisoners detained in Germany.

To justify his commitment to collaboration. "A defeated country has the choice to be subject to its victor or to be with it; I choose to be with it. He was appointed Deputy Secretary-General for the Vice-President of the Council on 31 December. His name appears on the report submitted. Aiming to discredit the Darlan government.

He's with Admiral Darlan. When he met with Hitler. He was appointed Secretary of State for the Vice-President of the Council responsible for Franco-German reports.

In the same month, he was in charge of a mission in ankara to try to obtain from turquia the ability to send reinforcements to Syria where the troops of General Dentz opposed British forces and free france. In July, it played a decisive role in the development of the Franco-Nippon accords accords darlan-kato. Founded in power at the worms bank.

He is part of an influential group of ultra-collaborating technocrats. Participating in the government of vichy who want to associate the france with the leadership of a "new Europe".

He received, by abetz, a message to hitler for pewter proposing a military alliance. He seems to have acted with victor arrighi. For the return of laval stone to power. He is a supporter of the creation of the tricolor legion. Jacques benoist-mechin promotes the creation of a service of the French labor in Germany at the head of which gaston brunetteton. And who was in charge of social action with French workers in Germany, volunteers or forced to work in the compulsory labour service.

Laval, out of control of finding benoist-mechin on his way when he negotiates with the Germans, and embarrassed by his overbidding, removed his post on it. In the event of a disagreement on succession. Laval also accuses him of wanting to place admiral platon in his place.

After the landing of Allied troops in northern africa operation torch. A statement by Benoist-Mechin calling for the fight against the aggressors, aiming at a declaration of war alongside Germany and the constitution of a government of ultra-collaborationists with a watchword. Go to Abetz with white jeans. He was arrested and imprisoned in Fresnes. For its role in collaboration and in particular in the creation (finally refused by the Germans) of the tricolor legion.

His trial takes place from the beginning of the year. In front of the High Court of Justice. After six hearings, during which he was tried on his role of tactical and strategic collaboration with the enemy, having never had a role in the deportation, benoist-mechin was sentenced to death and national degradation.

He's pardoned on that day. By the President vincent auriol.

His death penalty was commuted to hard labour for life, and then to 20 years. He receives a remission of sentence on that day.

And parole by order of the Minister of Justice dated December 6, 1953. Returning to freedom, he became a journalist and author of numerous biographies of historical characters, including that of mustapha kemal ataturk, and that of the king of arabie ibn seoud, begun during his captivity. This book is noticed by the king of arabia and by the betting-match newspaper, which finances for him a tour of several months in the Middle East, from which he returns with a collection of interviews of major actors of the time such as nasser, king of irak or Syrian prime minister. Jacques benoist-mechin then became a specialist in the history and current affairs of the Arab world whose texts always referred to. This vast enterprise could not have been possible without the assistance of ifrene hacène, an Algerian interpreter who will become his adoptive son and accompany him throughout his second life. He's buried in the father-lachaise cemetery. During his trial, Benoist-mechin defends himself from the accusations of Germanophilia by evoking his sensitivity to European issues.

"I have never been a Germanophile in the sense that I would like to be heard today, that I would have preferred Germany to my own country [. When I'm on my way to the Sdn. In genève, with briand, and that briand speaks of a European federation, I listen to him and I think he is right...

But as to whether I am a Germanophile, from the moment when Germany occupies three fifths of French territory, that, gentlemen, it is not possible, it does not exist. The history of the German army, which is very successful. Despite Benoist-mechin's participation in the collaboration, as early as 1944. Several hundred copies for the training of staff officers. Fall at the father-lachaise cemetery.

After leaving prison, he devoted himself to writing biographies, initially on the Saudi dynasty. Then to great characters of European origin who had activities outside of Europe.

He wrote the biographies of lyautey. Doublon or pastiche of a portrait of this man made by Jean beraud villars and entitled the colonel lawrence or the search for the absolute, but the book of benoist-mechin is pleasant to read, hence its success with the public since the 1960s. The common theme of this biographical work is the role of the exceptional individual who changes the course of history and tries to create an empire to give form and duration to the union of the men of a civilization. He is quite close to a number of Arab heads of state. As soon as he was released from prison, he undertook, with a young Algerian who would become his adopted son as an interpreter, a vast journey in the Middle East during which he spoke with all that, then, could count, of the drunken king to nasser, from which he drew an Arab spring, whose success was considerable.

Where he witnessed an attempt at a bloody and vain putsch (remedied in two African summers). The personal archives of benoist-mechin jacques were dispersed in 2007 during an auction in munch.

A catalogue of these archives provides some interesting information. On January 28, 1977, he took part in the apostrophes program of pivot bernard whose theme on that day was "the injustices of history". Recognition in rilke (collective) (1926). History of the German Army (1936). Eclaircissements sur "mein kampf" d'adolphe hitler, le livre qui change la face du monde (1939). Journal of a prisoner of war (1941). The ukraine, from the origins to Stalin, paris, albin michel, 1941. The longest dream series in history. Lawrence d'arabie: the shattered dream, Lausanne, clairfontaine, 1961; ed. Pocket, paris, perrin, 2008, al. Alexander the Great: the dream surpassed Lausanne, the guild of the book, 1964; lausanne, cla. This item is in the category "collections\letters, old papers\autographs\historical persons". The seller is "yesterday024" and is located in this country: fr. This item can be shipped to the following country: whole world.
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Circa 1942. Ww2. Vichy. Collaboration. Signed Autograph Letter. Benoist-mechin    Circa 1942. Ww2. Vichy. Collaboration. Signed Autograph Letter. Benoist-mechin