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Charlotte Vanhove Signed Autograph Letter To Constance De Theis Rare

Charlotte Vanhove Signed Autograph Letter To Constance De Theis Rare
Charlotte Vanhove Signed Autograph Letter To Constance De Theis Rare

Charlotte Vanhove Signed Autograph Letter To Constance De Theis Rare    Charlotte Vanhove Signed Autograph Letter To Constance De Theis Rare

Signed autograph letter with consistency of theis. Signed autograph letter, [brunoy], 6 Messior [an xiii] (25 June [1805]), consistent with theis. Very nice friendly letter to the poetess constancy of theis. She tells of her move to brunoy, the nerve disease of the famous actor Talma, her husband, who pushes him to close the theatre. He is treated by the famous corvisart doctor and mentions his diet.

We are a society of sick of body or spirit... She then mentions her relations: the rainé, the baronne sophie de bawr (the wife of the philosopher saint-simon), her sour mane...

Then speaks of the success of the templars of raynouard and of the mme of squabble. Visit it to the doctor alibert in Paris and to the playwright jean-louis laya and ask constancy to send his friendships to josep of salm-reifferscheidt-dyck, her husband.

Rare testimony of the good society of the early years of the empire. How kind you are, my dear, and how much and how much I would be guilty if indifference or neglect were the cause of the delay that I put in reply to you, on the receipt of your first letter I was also to settle in my castle. The horrors of a move, the fatigues, all the embarrassment of a six-legged journey had completely destroyed me; and I was not capable of anything except to feel a great satisfaction by reading the details of your reception, it is such that you could desire it. In any case I referred to your excellent mind to arrange things at your discretion, you only needed your presence my good what is even better for me, I am now established in brunoy. It's not without pain but on everything it's not without grief; at the moment of enjoying, my good talma has just been attacked by a nerve disease that does not leave him let go.

Corvisart whom we have consulted thinks that a disposition to abstractions can be the cause or the continuation; his diet consists of riding on horseback, taking herb juices, vichy water and staying in the countryside. You were able to see in the newspapers that at the time of enjoying he was attacked by such force that he was forced to close the theatre, to judge my maid of the torment that it gives me; I know well that he or she has no danger, that this is not what is called a disease, but my poor friend suffers and I am not at my ease.

You can see that my summer is getting bad. I've always, for you, had a very tender friendship, but I've never wanted you so much.

I would need your reason to get my head back on your friendly gait who would no doubt operate better than all the juices of the world on my poor sick and all the more so since everything seems to be coming together to give a hunch of sadness to our entourages; the ragged one just lost her father, we have an uncle dying, this good record of illness and comes to the countryside to redo, mmme st simon now mme bawr has rented a small house near me. Which makes me very happy, but I fear for her chest. My sister also has nerve ailments, we are a society of people who are sick of body or mind. You want to know about the new theaters, I can only talk to you about mine, because you know I don't frequent anyone else.

You know that we are at last disenchanted that the templars have had a well deserved success because there are beauties of the great order. Geoffroi dragged himself into the mud, drowned there thanks to the sky.

As for mme of squabble mr bouilly it is said here that the stile of both are two rivers that flow together without mixing their waters and that it makes a completely original disparate. I gladly take care of my maid of your commission for alibert he is a man of great mind and that we love, on my first bet trip I will return to him everything you tell me to be kind to him as well as to laya.

We loved him because of you, and ever since we knew him we love him more because of him. Run everything around me and I'll pay their compliments for you. The latter is extremely sensitive to your interest. For me I kiss you and love you.

From all my caroline court talma. Light missing in the lower and right part.

These deficiencies are consolidated on the first sheet. No damage to the text. Charlotte vanhove () is a French actress. Constance marie de theis, became by her first pipelet marriage of theiry, and, by her second marriage, princess, then countess (1803) then again princess of salm-dyck (1816); she was a poetess and wife of French letters. More information about vanhove charlotte.

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  1. subtype: autograph on paper
  2. type: autograph, dedication
  3. Age: first empire
  4. number of pages: 2

Charlotte Vanhove Signed Autograph Letter To Constance De Theis Rare    Charlotte Vanhove Signed Autograph Letter To Constance De Theis Rare