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Charles Nicolle Autographed Letter Signed to Léon Daudet

Charles Nicolle Autographed Letter Signed to Léon Daudet
Charles Nicolle Autographed Letter Signed to Léon Daudet

Charles Nicolle Autographed Letter Signed to Léon Daudet    Charles Nicolle Autographed Letter Signed to Léon Daudet

Signed autograph letter to Léon Daudet. Signed autograph letter, Tunis (Tunisia), December 20, 1922, 2 pages in-8° on headed paper from the Pasteur Institute of Tunis, to Léon Daudet.

Beautiful letter in which the microbiologist Charles Nicolle introduces the French doctor Émile Leredde and testifies to his deep attachment to him, which seems to have strengthened over time. He enthusiastically solicits Daudet's help for a specific question that interests Leredde. Nicolle also mentions his interest in the lively debates between Daudet and Briand in the Chamber, contrasting with his own exhausting work. Indeed, the year 1922 was eventful in the Chamber: Aristide Briand resigned from his position as Prime Minister after being disavowed by the President of the Republic, Alexandre Millerand, following a motion voted on by the Bloc National, supported by Léon Daudet and his supporters from Action française. This motion demanded Briand's recall and led to the appointment of Raymond Poincaré as President of the Council.

Nicolle finally expresses his desire to see his friend again and mentions a certain Bessis, a Jew who offered the government to give up part of his land in Carthage in exchange for the creation of a city bearing his name. The Nicolle brothers, Charles and Maurice, were childhood friends of Léon Daudet, jointly embarking on their medical studies.

Originally from Rouen, these two brothers were also familiar with the Parisian circles of the famous Daudet family, especially Alphonse Daudet's Thursdays in Paris and Champrosay. My dear Léon, I introduce you to Leredde. It wasn't necessary, right? Should I tell you that I still have the same affection for him? I always have and, I believe, even greater.

Leredde will discuss with you the question that interests him. Because of the kind of individuals involved, I have no doubt that you will be delighted to help him. There are drumskins that one is happy to puncture.

I am greatly amused reading your dialogues with Briand in the Chamber. What a livelier profession than mine you have taken up. I am simply about to collapse under the workload I have taken on. And I take on a little more each day.

But I hold you in affection, and since I think that you hold me in yours, it warms me sometimes. When can I see you? When I pass through Paris, you are not there and you have not yet come to visit your Jewish clientele in Tunis. You know that a Jew named Bessis has offered the government to give it a share of his land in Carthage (he owns 4/5 of it) on the condition that it be named after him. After that, I just have to make way for Leredde, not without kissing you. English and Russian translations available on request.

SHILTONSON is a member of the National Syndicate of Ancient and Modern Bookshops / International League of Ancient Bookshops. Charles Jules Henri Nicolle was a French physician and microbiologist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1928.

As director of the Pasteur Institute in Tunis, he conducted research on conditions such as typhus, brucellosis, and malaria, highlighting the role of animals in their transmission. He also discovered the parasite responsible for toxoplasmosis. Beyond his scientific contributions, he actively participated in the intellectual and artistic life of Tunisia. His legacy continues with hospitals bearing his name, and he remains an iconic figure in medical research. Léon Daudet was a French writer, journalist, and politician. A Republican converted to monarchism, anti-Dreyfusard, and clerical nationalist, he was one of the main political figures of Action française and one of the best-known collaborators of the movement's journal. The bibliography of this committed writer's works is extensive, as he is the author of 128 works. His memoirs include six volumes from 1880 to 1921, according to Marcel Proust, who added: "The resemblances between Saint-Simon and Léon Daudet are numerous: the most profound seems to me the alternation, and equal success, of magnificently atrocious portraits and gentle, venerating, noble portraits." More information about Charles Nicolle. More information about Léon Daudet.

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Charles Nicolle Autographed Letter Signed to Léon Daudet    Charles Nicolle Autographed Letter Signed to Léon Daudet