Autograph Signed Letter

Autographic Letter Signed Gyp (woman Writer) Circa 1900 Wax Bag

Autographic Letter Signed Gyp (woman Writer) Circa 1900 Wax Bag

Autographic Letter Signed Gyp (woman Writer) Circa 1900 Wax Bag   Autographic Letter Signed Gyp (woman Writer) Circa 1900 Wax Bag

Sign Autograph Letter - Writer Woman. With a beautiful white wax seal, with the author's weapons. Wednesday - a lot of thanks from gyps. (which reads today only the progress of the east of July 4th)...

"the last of the mirabeau". Sibylle riquetti de mirabeau, to the town countess roger de martel de Janille. More known as the gyp pen, is a French playwright, novelist and saloner, born at the castle of coëtsal on 15 August 1849 and died on 29 June 1932 in neuilly-sur-seine. Rear-small-nièce of mirabeau, sibylle marie-antoinette gabrielle riquetti of mirabeau is the last of the riquetti of mirabeau.

She's the godfather of her great-uncle adolphe bacourter. The little girl grew up in permanent reproach for not being a boy who could have continued this illustrious lineage. While she is still a child, her parents separate and follow her mother, born married the gonneville harivel, who settled in nancy with her parents in the family building, place of career.

His mother writes for the figaro. His grandfather, a legitimist despite his brilliant arms under the empire, a former officer of the great army, took over most of his education. She learns fencing, horse riding, classical dance. His father, himself a legitimist, led her to frohsdorf, to the count of camelboard.

On the death of her father in 1860, she moved away from her mother, who devoted herself to worldliness and literature. Publish in various periodicals under several pseudonyms. She married at nancy on December 2, 1867, the anniversary of the coronation of napoleon, the count roger de martel de Janille, of which she had three children. The young household settles in bets, where gabrielle poses for jeans-baptist carpeaux, then in nancy. During the 1870 war, roger de martel was in the harbour and became friends with felix Faure, the future president of the republic.

In 1879, the martels settled permanently in neuilly-sur-seine. At the corner of Rue de chezy and Boulevard bineau.

The Countess de Martel began by publishing some texts in Parisian life in February 1877. Then in the magazine of the two worlds. Starting in 1880, she began publishing in volume, under the pseudonym of gyp, writing every night, in total more than 120 books, many of which will be successful. Little bob, type of terrible child (1882), hunters, a turbulent trio, around marriage (1883), what woman wants (1883), without veils (1885), around divorce (1886), on the train (1886), Mademoiselle Loulou (1888), bob at the salon (1889), the education of a prince (1890), passionette (1891), oh! This production, abundant and now completely forgotten, shows a certain sense of dialogue, a biting spirit, humour, a great ability to observe.

Gyp happily mocks the good society of which she is a part. She created characters that remain archetypes. The spoiled child, the early schoolgirl, the young wife..

collaborator of the free word from 1899 to 1901, gyp sees in the Jews the destroyers of a dream organization and imagines that with "the annihilation of the Jewish power, will come back all the glories, all the grandeur, all the beauties disappeared from the france". Many of his novels are marked by this "recognized anti-Semitism frequent at the time.

" Unacceptable to readers of the 20th century. Although close friend of anatole france, the countess of martel was baker, antidreyfusard. And passionately nationalist, like the majority of its fellow citizens since the loss of the Alsace-lorraine. This nationalism led him to publish, in the magazine the illustrated homeland, a series of cartoons hostile to the Jews. She had also published in Parisian life, from March 1897 to May 1898, the fictional newspaper of ludovic trarieux, the former guardian of the founding seals of the human rights league and the instigator of the revision of the trial of Captain Alfred dreyfus by presenting him as a renegat converted to Protestantism with a view to making an advantageous marriage. In 1902, at the height of his political commitment, gyp joined the French rostrum of guerrilla jules, a newspaper that openly described itself as "anti-Jewish and nationalist". An attempt to carry around the wedding to the scene failed. Mademoiselle ève (1895) met with more success, but gyp was not meant to be a dramatic author. In fact, his novels lack action and intrigue. The last of the mirabeau received every Sunday from noon until dinner at her home in neuilly. She made her living room a very popular place in Parisian life. There were many personalities of the worldly and artistic life of the time: robert de montesquiou, marcel proust, edgar degas, marrice barrès, anatole france, paul valery, alphonse daudet, jean-louis forain, august vimar, lucien corpechot.

She was plagued by perpetual worries of money, which her abundant literary production aimed in part at relieving. In spite of this, in 1895 she bought the family castle of mirabeau, where she had to carry out important works which finished ruining it and which she had to resell in 1907. It rests at the ancient cemetery of neuilly-sur-seine.

She was the mother of the neurosurgeon thierry of martel, head of the American betting hospital. Who committed suicide at the entrance of the Germans to the capital on June 14, 1940. 1 sheet of purple paper, folded in its center forming 4pp.

Beautiful white wax stamp, adorned with the comtal crown and the motto. (brists and small usual deficiencies). (folded: about 15,5x14,5cm). No place, no exact date, July 4, 1900. [Georgian origin or louis boulay].

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Autographic Letter Signed Gyp (woman Writer) Circa 1900 Wax Bag   Autographic Letter Signed Gyp (woman Writer) Circa 1900 Wax Bag