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Antonin Artaud / Signed Autograph Letter / Psychiatry / Double / Insiders / Art

Antonin Artaud / Signed Autograph Letter / Psychiatry / Double / Insiders / Art
Antonin Artaud / Signed Autograph Letter / Psychiatry / Double / Insiders / Art
Antonin Artaud / Signed Autograph Letter / Psychiatry / Double / Insiders / Art
Antonin Artaud / Signed Autograph Letter / Psychiatry / Double / Insiders / Art
Antonin Artaud / Signed Autograph Letter / Psychiatry / Double / Insiders / Art

Antonin Artaud / Signed Autograph Letter / Psychiatry / Double / Insiders / Art   Antonin Artaud / Signed Autograph Letter / Psychiatry / Double / Insiders / Art

Autograph letter signed "antonin artaud" to adrienne monnier hospital psychiatric de ville-évrard, 4 March 1939, 2 p. In-4° with envelope small spots, traces of period folds.

Major testimony of the writer's correspondence. "melle adrienne monnier les amis des livres 7 rue de l'odéon 7 bets. Asile de ville-évrard, March 4, 1939. My dear adrienne, I haven't had time yet to answer your last letter.

And when I say time, I mean that I haven't been in a mood to do so so far because in the meantime I've had a most unpleasant avatar, and I've been transferred from Saint-Anne to City-Evrard with something more than suddenness. But since then I've recovered and I'm answering you. - Yes, this story of the likes is old as centuries, and all the great characters throughout history have found themselves real doubles, whether they look like them physically or not, and who played their role in their place, for the common of the people, and thresholds the initiates knew the real character. All of this, for the non-initiated who do not know that life is completely rigged, comes from the novel and the fable.

This is how I have heard from the initiates this incredible enormity that it is not the true nicolas ii that would have been murdered in ekaterinenburg by the Bolsheviks and that the tzarevich would still be alive. That's how we feed the janitors' dreams. But for those who know that life is completely rigged by the initiates, this one will find that the concierges are not wrong. And besides, the concierges think what they think only because they see everything they see; and is not concierge who wants! This is how all the initiates know that von ribbentrop, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany was murdered in Paris on the night of 7-8 December 1938 and Mr edouard Daladier is the only one not to know.

And it's a likeness of him who took his name and was sent back in speed from Varsovie to Berlin by r. Beck, on his trip to Poland.

You didn't have to confirm the fact. I've known this story a long time ago, that everyone knows about it, but nobody has had the right to say, it seems, under pain of being executed by the insiders' police. The power of printed paper is very strong, I agree with you, and that of the initiates on the minds of the general public is also very strong so that we have managed to hide a fact as enormous as the "execution" of the German Foreign Minister, and so that we have managed to accredit this lie that the man of straw paid by the initiates, who replaces him, is this von ribbentrop who signed the Franco-German declaration of the quay d'orsay. Besides, the whole history of the world is like this.

Many of the great events in the world have not been caused by those to whom history attributes them. Neither joffre nor gallieni won the battle of the marne, but from the cary angle was there for many. And in the field of literary, artistic or philosophical creation it is even worse.

Bach is not the author of the works attributed to him. He stole them from another and signed them by his name. Bach are of a musical character unique in occident and have also known who made them, but the initiates threw the ban on the name of their unheard-of creator. Likewise the shakespeare mystery is a story of insiders. And you know why and how.

Similarly, the famous "war of the two roses" which was ignored by his contemporaries. And the bewitchments in oblivion were not for nothing in this astounding ignorance. Now you, who is a grammairian and a consummated linguist, explain to me the exact psychological meaning of the following expression: "I have my head near the cap" because to think about it is not that simple.

And why not also say: "I have the court near the hat," since for some occult sects, it is the court that stands as the head, and the head does not exist. As far as I'm concerned the court for the little I have left is certainly close to the cap, for without it he would have jumped. Some maya in mexico have told me about the coronal artery in the tradition of the Maya of Yucatan, as it was collected by the Maya Quiché. And in this regard, what has been done with my book: the journey to the land of the Tarahumaras.

The tarahumaras are in the north and the mayas in the south, it's heard, but it's the mexico and I wrote a book about the mexico, we published it and I didn't even see the edition. It's the fourth time I've been scrambled. If you think it can go on, you're wrong, it can't go on.

Things have gone too far and we will have to reverse things and this monelle is what you have seen; - you are right, all the goddesses of antiquity were liars, for example bogaïlla but they lie wrong and their lies will not lead them far because they have ended up cuckolding themselves, and they are all now in full loss. And it is the nucleus even in each of them that is irremediably gangrenate. All this is a pass for nothing.

A creation to start over. [he adds on the margins of the first page] I have no money and no stamps for my letters, in general and my editors owe me a lot of money!

[it adds on the margins of the second page] and it will be the first time in the round of all the worlds that a being incarnate will have won the last truths. Artaud was subjected to intense physical pain attributed to a hereditary syphilis against which he struggled for much of his life, pains that he pallied with drugs and drugs. He spent his last years interned in various psychiatric hospitals.

On February 22, 1939, the longust doctor, at the psychiatric center of Saint-Anne, wrote: "Delusive paranoid structure syndrome, active ideas of persecution, poisoning, duplication of personality. As a result, the writer joined the ville-évrard hospital, where he remained a little less than four years, without receiving any treatment, his condition being considered incurable. He wrote many letters during this period. The second is addressed to adrienne monier, writer and editor, on March 4, just three days after her arrival. This hot-written missive evokes the "initiated" and "uninitiated". In the eyes of his correspondent, artaud transforms what psychiatrists call "access to delirium" into a real imaginative wealth. "All the great characters throughout history have found themselves real doubles (.) and only the initiates know the real character". In this letter, artaud, plagued by paranoid delirium, envisages two parallel worlds that overlap, one being that of the "initiated" and the other that of the "non-initiated". The second is a life "completely rigged" by the "initiated", a fake and manipulated copy, when the first is the stricto sensu reality. By "initiated", one must understand those pulling the strings of a plot to persecute the writer. This makes even more sense when we know that he sees madness as an invention of society intended to exclude his detractors." The parallel reading of the letter of artaud with the "certificate of fifteen of March 14, 1939" of the doctor chanes gives us an interesting key to understanding in that we have a supposedly rational interpretation, so to speak, of the literally delirious words of the writer. Thus we read in this certificate that the "initiators" are indeed "the people in power, at the head of politics, the police, the administration, etc. With the diagnosis that artaud is "a poet who wanted to realize his revolutionary conception of the world. In commenting on this letter, published in April 1939 in the Gazette of the Friends of the Books (No.

6-7), Adrienne Monnier will reveal: "This is the first time in my life that I receive a letter from artaud antonin. I was sure I never wrote to him personally. But after reading everything he says, I wonder if my double hasn't done hiss. And if things haven't been so far away, since we're in control.

"we're going to have to turn things around and that's what you've seen." The book quickly becomes a must, and even a kind of unofficial Bible, for symbolists and surrealists. During the inter-war period, it proved to be a veritable anarchomystic manifesto, the object of a quasi-cult. Thus, schwob inspired artaud in the writing of the umbilic of limbs (1925) and his first participation in the surreal revolution, a magazine founded in 1924 by aragon and Breton, among others. Artaud and schwob join each other on the inversion of religious values, celebrating the apotheosis of allegorized infamy as an antichrist.

This is the reversal that takes place in heliogabale or crowned anarchist (1934). Of the two writers, we also remember the perpetual search for a certain dramaturgy, schwob does not fail to remind his readership that he is "like in theatre". The Gazette of Friends of Books (No.

The original edition of the Gazette of Friends of Books, No. 6-7 (April 1939), containing the transcription of this letter. This item is in the category "collections\letters, old papers\autographs\others". The seller is "laurent-autographs" and is located in this country: fr. This item can be shipped to the following country: whole world.
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Antonin Artaud / Signed Autograph Letter / Psychiatry / Double / Insiders / Art   Antonin Artaud / Signed Autograph Letter / Psychiatry / Double / Insiders / Art