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1812. Empire. Napoleon. Signed Autograph Letter. Pierre-françois Réal. Text+++

1812. Empire. Napoleon. Signed Autograph Letter. Pierre-françois Réal. Text+++
1812. Empire. Napoleon. Signed Autograph Letter. Pierre-françois Réal. Text+++

1812. Empire. Napoleon. Signed Autograph Letter. Pierre-françois Réal. Text+++    1812. Empire. Napoleon. Signed Autograph Letter. Pierre-françois Réal. Text+++

For homonymous items, see real. Pierre-Francois, Count Real, born on.

He is the author of the most precise definition of the profession of notary and notariat, always applicable, whose characteristics and prerogatives were included in the law of 25 ventôse an xi. (1803), which is the charter of the notariat. He is the third son of French real prize, gamekeeper, and marie rachel bouchage. Of this union twelve children will be born in all. François prix réal was noticed by henri bertin.

The latter helped the young French stone, after his studies at the College Saint-Barbe. Bets, get a prosecutor's office. "thanks to the liberalities of a bishop," which prepares him for a career as a lawman.

A fervent Jacobin under the revolution. Very quickly, he adheres to the ideas of the revolution. Elector at the convocation of the general states. (1789), he became friends with Abbé Sieyes. He plays a role alongside camille desmoulins.

It belongs to the new municipal assembly which was set up on 1 January. He specializes in supply problems, but with the return to order, he is excluded from the municipal administration.

He was noticed at the Jacobin club. Where he asks for the abolition of royalty and opposes maximilien robespierre. Becoming a girdin, he comes in, after the.

In the new commune at the police section. Opposed to maximilien robespierre, it is excluded from the convention for "broissoticism.

The hostility of robespierre brings him closer to the fiery joseph. Here he is in the betting commune: he is appointed accuser of the extraordinary tribe on.

Second deputy attorney general stone-gaspard toy. It's his police debut.

In the fight between the betting commune and the national convention. Pierre-Francois réal plays a moderate role.

He is sent on a mission of subsistence in the lower breast and specializes in the town of betting in the supply, which is still under the control of the police. The fall of the hebertists. Causes his arrest a few hours before the arrest of George Danton.

He was imprisoned at the Luxembourg prison. The fall of robes is the 9 thormidor.

The save of the scaffold. That same summer 1794 he pleaded and saved the head of chastenay-lanty. It is published with mehea.

The newspaper of the Patriotes of 89 but shortly after it abandoned this editorial project because of his appointment as historiographer of the republic by the Executive Board. He also practises his profession as a lawyer before the criminal courts, especially in the wrong case of the probe. In 1795, a journalist, he published the opposition newspaper. Close to fiery josep, he participates with him in various speculations. Is it mad joseph that incites him to defend gracchus babeuf.

Actually, it's mostly with paul barras. He entrusted him with the counting of the counter-revolutionary correspondence seized in the vans of the Austrian general Klinglin. By the general moreau and which he finally decided to send to bets. Evidence of collusion of pechegru jeans-harles.

And the prince of conde appear there as in the wallet of louis-alexandre de launay, Count of Antiragues. He's taken over in italia. The coup d'état of the 18 fructidor. Led by paul barras, finds his justification.

As a reward for the services rendered, Pierre-Francois is appointed commissioner of the Executive Board near the department of the seine. He is in a way the prefect before the letter of the department and has authority over the central police office, a key position on the eve of the 18th mist. Linked to the jusephine of Beauharnais.

Pierre-françois real puts himself at the service of bonaparte. He's the one who brings the young general and josep mad.

Pierre-françois real and josep fiery, both of whom concentrate all the police in their hands, were the main actors in the coup d'état of the 18 mist. Becoming a state advisor, Pierre-Francois real recommends louis-nicolas dubois for the newly created police prefect post. He supported Josep in the attack on Saint-nicaise Street: he insisted on the possibility of a Jacobin attack. Why didn't he be thought of as a replacement for Josep in 1802 at the Department of General Police?

His Jacobin past served him, but above all Bonaparte wanted to keep his minister skeptical by not giving him a replacement. Pierre-françois real asks nothing and misses the check.

However, he showed police qualities in 1804 when he discovered the conjuration of cadoudal georges. In charge of the investigation and follow-up of all matters relating to the tranquillity and internal security of the Republic, he acts as Minister of the General Police. He is not less than mad at the conduct of the investigation where prefects and gendarmes are at his command.

Unfortunately for him, the mysterious death of pichegru and the conditions under which the Duke of Enghien was executed have tarnished his reputation. When the Minister of General Police was re-established, real had to be content with the management of one of the police districts, under the authority of joseph fervent. According to his biographer, he had, however, prepared a plan for the reorganization of the ministry, which was unscrupulous. Because of the importance of his borough, he was, however, a deputy minister.

A lifetime state councillor, Earl of Empire, he remains in place under savary. That supplants him for the fiery succession.

In 1814 he followed the imperial government in Blois and returned to bets only on it. He was removed from the State Council by the first restoration. When we get back from napoleon. He could hope - finally - to be minister of the general police, crammed is before him at the tiles. And receives the wallet coveted by real French stone.

The latter would be prefect of police (1815), a subordinate post that did not reward his loyalty. After the defeat of waterloo, real went in belgium and then to the United States in. Accompanied by his nephew from Bussy. He acquired a new york (vincent cape) property.

He obtained a royal amnesty and returned to France in 1827, where he finished his days studying chemistry with his picky secretary. When he died, he received military honours at the father-lachaise cemetery.

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  • 1812. Empire. Napoleon. Signed Autograph Letter. Pierre-françois Réal. Text+++    1812. Empire. Napoleon. Signed Autograph Letter. Pierre-françois Réal. Text+++