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Louis Xiv. King Of France. Signed Letter (secretary) (g 5499)

Louis Xiv. King Of France. Signed Letter (secretary) (g 5499)

Louis Xiv. King Of France. Signed Letter (secretary) (g 5499)   Louis Xiv. King Of France. Signed Letter (secretary) (g 5499)
Add this shop to my favorites. Signed letter (secretary) (g 5499). Louis xiv (louis de bourbon). Signed letter (secretary) \"louis\" countersigned \"phelypeaux\" to the count of destrées. Slots allowing the passage of a link. Lack of paper bottom left corner on all slips. Stings at the edge of yellowed leaflets. The French navy reached heights of glory and power during the reign of louis xiv. For half a century, France was at the forefront of the world's powers. It is ruled by a king who, little known, is one of the very few French sovereigns to maintain a real familiarity with the sea. For a certain amount of history, France is able to face almost all of their own on land and at sea. In 1691, the navy at its peak had 154 ships, including 102 ships.

Louis xiv continued military operations in the Mediterranean against the league. The ships of the despagne being removed in the port of baye, the ease of insulting them there men made the resolution take.

, it only paroiss of the seventeen ways. Composing the past lanian fleet, he entered fourteen in the port of baye, ... , this port is deffendued only by a fortress in which there are four guns of 24 and 18 and eight or ten of 4,... Ainsy you have three ways to completely ruin this fleet, to which it will be very difficult for enemies to be able to do sooss if you are not thwarted by the winds, the bruslots can be used against the three ways. Stay under the fortress, the bombs will make their esfect on those who are in the port, and if they do not cause a lot of order large enough to make sure they can never be res resolved and sail, you will close the gate of the port by crossing it by two bastiments mason that you will sink there low, and to make you in the estat to practice on this occasion all the expedients that I mark you, and by which you can achieve the execution of the project that jay formed, jay prepare six bruslots that will follow you, two galiottes to bomb, with a flute to carry the bombs, powders, and the stenciles that are necessary to them, and two bastiments mason. My intention is to deal with these bastiments and the ten v. Of which you will find the attached list you set sail incessantly to go to baye ... , handing it to you to practice the other ways to ruin the ships that are removed there, that their layout, the situation of the port, and your experience will suggest you, you will make your navigation by the costs of Sardinia. I'll send you the list of the ways. Despagne lock in a baye, and since I don't want the company you have to try, missing by incidents that can be filled, I allow you if you do not consider that your wing is strong enough to fight them successfully, if they are armed, or if you meet them at sea, dy join the number of v.

Who are ready to go out that you will deem necessary. I keep being married if some of the ten do not ward you enough in estat to underhold the gales that you will have to suffer in this season, that you change them and that you replace them with others, so that this change can not bring any delay to your departure, the success of this expedition consisting of an extraordinary diligence, not only for the time for the Spaniards to take precautions to the time, is to presume that Sçasaux prest, they will fear that I will use them to attack them, but also to prevent the Anglos and the Dutch, who preserve the departures. That they intended for the Mediterranean, if they consider that jay conea this purpose, and may surprise you and force you to fight inegal, if the winds favor the passage; jay yet other vehies who dare to press you, and to repeat that to succeed in this business without rique, and without any danger other than celuy of the sea, it is an absolute necessity that you leave aussytost that you have received my orders, that you execute them tenaciously, and that you come back by the costes ditalie a toulon, or you will find others on what you will have to do for the rest of this campaign. The neighborhood of pouzzole that will be under your vee during this expedition, to tell you that you can threaten the habitans to ruin them by bombs, if they do not buy a considerable contribution, that I defer to you to settle, and make them even throw some to force them to deal with you more quickly but this must not cause you any delay, ny you to consume bombs there only when you no longer judge to need them.

Who will be in baye. If the success of this case responds to what jen hope, aquoy lopinion that jay of you does not contribute little, you will send to toulon the fregatte or tartane that follow your wing to carry your depesches and the mail that you will judge to take me account. The item \"louis xiv. Signed Letter (Secretary) (g 5499)\" has been on sale since Wednesday, December 2, 2020. It is in the category \"collections-letters, old papers-autographs-historical personalities\". The seller is \"bibliolibrum\" and is located at/in. This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.

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Louis Xiv. King Of France. Signed Letter (secretary) (g 5499)   Louis Xiv. King Of France. Signed Letter (secretary) (g 5499)