Autograph Signed Letter

Emile Zola Autograph Letter Signed Paul Cezanne

Emile Zola Autograph Letter Signed Paul Cezanne
Emile Zola Autograph Letter Signed Paul Cezanne
Emile Zola Autograph Letter Signed Paul Cezanne

Emile Zola Autograph Letter Signed Paul Cezanne   Emile Zola Autograph Letter Signed Paul Cezanne

(1840 - 1902), French writer. Autograph letter signed to his childhood friend Antonio Valabrègue. Paris, 4 April 1867; 4 pages in-8°.

A superb letter from the beginnings of Zola, an activist writer, who gives this letter to his childhood friend Antonio Valabrègue, all his rage for success, his ideals, his convictions, his hard work: "The heavy tasks that I am overwhelmed with at the moment must not, however, cause me to be completely neglected my friends. I'll try to devote you an hour of my time.

First of all, let me tell you that. You have judged the publication of the mysteries of marseille a little in the province.

If you were here, in the middle of us, if I could talk for ten minutes with you, you would understand on the spot the raison d'être of this work. I obey, as you know, necessities and wills. I am not allowed, like you, to fall asleep, to lock me in an ivory tower, on the pretext that the crowd is foolish.

I need the crowd, I go to her as I can, I try every way to tame her. Right now, I'm mostly in need of two things, advertising and money. Say that, and you will understand why I accepted the offers of the messenger of provence. Besides, you are in all hopes, in all the beliefs of the beginning.

You judge men and openings absolutely; you do not yet see that everything is relative, and you do not have the tolerances of experience. I don't want to throw any night in your clear skies. I am waiting for you at your beginnings, at your struggles; then only you will understand my conduct well. I'm telling you this as a friend. Of course, I'm abandoning the mysteries of marseille.

I know what I'm doing. At the moment, I am leading three novels: mysteries, a novel for illustration, and a great psychological study for the review of the 19th century.

I am very pleased with the latter. That's, I think, the best I've done so far.

I'm even afraid that the look is too square and that houssaye will go back at the last moment. The book will appear in three parts; the first part is finished and is due to appear in May. You see, I'm going to work fast. Last month I wrote this first part, a third of the volume, and a hundred pages of mysteries.

I'm still bent on my desk from morning to night. This year, I will publish four to five volumes. Give me annuities, and I promise to go and lock me up with you right now and curl myself in the sun, in the grass.

I had to leave the figaro for a while. I was only publishing flying articles, and a trade. I prefer to write long-term stories, which remain. I also had to give up the idea of making a living room.

It's possible that I'm launching some pamphlets about my friends painters. That, my faith, is all the news that concerns me. I work a lot, caring for some openings and abandoning others, trying to make my hole with big picks.

You'll know one day that it's hard to dig such a hole. I'm not talking about you coming back to bets anymore. I can see you're putting him back in a distant, undetermined time. I will eventually approve you; since you have become a poet again, it is preferable that you remain in the dead solitudes of the province. Only, enter the literary career by a way so different from the one I have taken, that it is difficult for me not to make some restrictions.

My position has imposed on me the struggle, so that the struggle, the militant work is for me the great means, the only one I can advise. Your fortune, your instincts give you leisure; you're looking forward to court gaiety. Follow yours, and I will be the first to applaud, when you get a result. What I told you, what I will probably tell you again, is dictated to me only by sympathy. You don't doubt that, do you?

A few little bits to finish. [jean-baptist antoine quotes landscape painter of the school of barbizon]. Is refused, all are refused; the jury, irritated of my living room, has put to the door all those who walked in the new way.

Straw comes right in the middle of some nice additions. I'm very pleased with your letters.

Tell me, on occasion, about the impression that mysteries make at aix. " He will become a poet and art critic. Zola published on March 2, 1867 his first novel, "the mysteries of marseille", in the form of soap operas in the messenger of provence, before appearing in 1867 at a. He executed this order in parallel with the writing of raquin Thérèse. With this first novel, the young writer already gives the ingredients that will make his legend in the staging of the various social strata of the time, the denunciation of injustice, the facts of current events like here the revolution of 1848 and the cholera epidemic that was raging in provence.

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Emile Zola Autograph Letter Signed Paul Cezanne   Emile Zola Autograph Letter Signed Paul Cezanne