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Claude Joseph Rouget De Lisle Autograph Letter Signed Rare

Claude Joseph Rouget De Lisle Autograph Letter Signed Rare

Claude Joseph Rouget De Lisle Autograph Letter Signed Rare   Claude Joseph Rouget De Lisle Autograph Letter Signed Rare
Claude joseph rouget de lisle. Signed autograph letter, choisy-le-roy, December 16, 1826.

Rare letter from the author of the war song for the army of the rhin (Marseille) a few months after his release from prison. Before placing this letter in its context, it is necessary to go back with a beanger's letter addressed to rouget de lisle on June 21, 1826, while the songwriter returns to the poet's detention: "[.] I am writing to you in holy pelagia. I don't have to protest your dedication anymore. So I'm going into the matter right now.

What debt has caused your detention?] But at last tell me first if you believe that any steps to the creditor could be taken. I'll do it if I have to.] I have a recommendation to make: don't be ashamed of being held for debt.

It is to the nation as a whole to blush at the misfortunes that have continually plagued the author of the Marseilles.] (Beranger correspondence, Volume 1, cxxxvii). Two days later, he sent another missive: "Turn away, my dear prisoner; I am actively handling your case, and I hope that before two days you will be free.] Beanger, always ready to help the poorest (see our touching letter of stone-jean of beanger addressed to augustine-malvina blanccotte) will keep his word. While rouget de lisle is released from the prison of Saint-Pelagia, his return to choisy-le-roy only worsens his pecuniary worries.

Once again, beanger will be of the most valuable help to him by dealing with the sale of collections of lisle rouget music. On December 14, 1826, Beranger appealed to Colonel Bracq and made the account of the copies of the lisle reddish music he had entrusted to him, and recalled that "[.] the author of the Marseilles dies of hunger, that he no longer knows where to give head, and that by giving him freedom, I have only restored to him the ability to die at the corner of a pillar instead of dying in prison. I am poor and you are rich; so send me 200f that you will recover as you can from the people to whom you have distributed the ten copies of his collection, and you will have the honor of a good action, because these 200f will be able to help him wait for something from heaven.

We arrive at our letter written two days later. Redt de lisle takes care of the sale of one of these copies by mentioning beanger who will issue it against the ticket. He continues on this case which, once again, does not seem to turn as he wishes: "[.] You don't tell me a word about your ticket that we heard about a few days ago.

These are our compromised signatures. You feel that things can't stay that way. It is now time for my friend and I to know what to do about it, the substance we have to do about the other two, and you will make me learn about it.] At his death on June 26, 1836, the novelist and poet josep pesele desgranges made the sad rapprochement: "It was June 26, 1826 that rouget de lisle came out of prison; it was June 26, 1836 that he came out of life. May he enjoy greater freedom in a better world than he met on earth!

Please, sir, send the attached note to his address, and the copy will be delivered to the bearer. We'd have to send it at 11:00 and leave the letter if Mr. Then when we come back the next day, we'll find the copy.

You don't tell me a word about your ticket, which we heard about a few days ago. Claude josep rouget dit de lisle, often called rouget de l'isle, is a French military engineer, poet and dramatic author. He's the author of. And other lesser-known hymns such as l. Dithyrambic hymn on the conjuration of robespierre and the revolution of the 9 thormidor.

More information about lisle joseph claude rouget. This is an authentic letter.

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Claude Joseph Rouget De Lisle Autograph Letter Signed Rare   Claude Joseph Rouget De Lisle Autograph Letter Signed Rare