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Armand Dalian Morisot 800 Illustrated Letters Painter Montparnasse 1965 Armenia

Armand Dalian Morisot 800 Illustrated Letters Painter Montparnasse 1965 Armenia

Armand Dalian Morisot 800 Illustrated Letters Painter Montparnasse 1965 Armenia    Armand Dalian Morisot 800 Illustrated Letters Painter Montparnasse 1965 Armenia

800 letters and illustrated envelopes. All couriers were shipped between 1965 and 1988. With the date stamps of the post office.

About 780 letters addressed to pascale morisot, mostly illustrated. Often several pages, signed, with the envelopes also illustrated. The correspondence ends in 1988.

(Collection presented under 30 albums laminated soft document holders). About 20 original letters addressed to his mother by the artist between 1972 and 1981. More than 40 albums ( o make it easier to read. Very many photographs after the description, at the bottom of the page. The correspondence with Pascale Morisot is here sold almost complete.

Since it lacks only one soft briefcase containing the originals for the year 1982. I searched in vain and did not find it, it will probably reappear someday ..

the album reproducing the this year 1982 letters is very much present to him. It will serve for lack of better to fill this lack. Armand dalian, kept by his companion, including several rare. (in watercolor, pen, ink or crayon). Or notebooks (projects or notebooks), approx.

150 different works on paper. Watercolors, drawings with pen or crayons, etc ... (including photos of youth and family). And various documents all related to. And his activity as a painter.

Thank you for contacting me before purchase! You can make me a price proposal, or send me your questions or requests. All my details are at the bottom of this page. Any serious proposal will be studied. Opportunity to see and study the lot on site.

For foreign buyers, I leave the option open, but things have to be done in the rules. I will probably have to obtain an authorization to leave the territory. Legally delivered by French cultural affairs, this necessarily implies delays. for the moment, and out of respect for the artist and his work. I wish to leave this wonderful ensemble intact.

But lack of serious offer. I will be obliged then. To separate these letters in order to propose them to the unit .. Armand Dalian was born in Paris, rue de la grange-aux-belles, October 29, 1924. Armenian parents, came from Istanbul to escape the political situation of that time in Turkey. From a wealthy family, young parents are without resources or connections when they arrive in France. His father then took the hairdresser's job and moved to the perreux sur marne. Loving literature and very talented for drawing, armand dalian between 17 years (with derogation, considering his age). At the National School of Fine Arts in Paris in 1940, he will attend courses until 1948.

He will later attend periodically the workshop of the large cottage. Joined the painting section, his teachers were. Dupas, dupré, lemagny, reboussin (who hoped he would become an animal painter). Beluges (who taught courses in art history, which he \Heuzé and untersteller (whom he hated). During the war, he divided his time between fine arts and farm work in Normandy.

In 1945 he participated in a collective exhibition boulevard saint-michel, with 300 young painters. He is spotted by j. Eger, banker, financier and patron. Thanks to him in 1946, he exhibited at the Galerie André (following a dubuffet exhibition).

Then settles in the millin rodin workshop for a year. Who will make him meet picasso in 1946 rue des grand augustins. Eger then presents it to.

Drouant-david (at the origin of the movement of the \Who wanted to launch a young painter, dalian refuses the contract for fear of the limits imposed on his freedom of creation. It will be bernard buffet that will accept the contract in its place, with the success that we know .. relations are broken with eger, armand dalian returns to the fine arts (price lefranc). He worked for 2 years at Versailles Castle (Queen's Theater) with his dupe teacher.

Received in the Brayer family, (Alain Brayer is a fellow of the fine arts and will remain a very close friend). He liked to continue studying with these painters. In 1951, he exhibited at pascaud-sullerot, with zingg and saint-cricq. Fans come to see him, having noticed him on the island of St. Louis, the Duchess of Sutherland, aunt of Queen Elizabeth II, already very old. He buys canvases, she will often receive (for 10 years) in his mansion of the island saint-louis. Where the dalian paintings will join in his collections many paintings of vlaminck. And his important collection of manuscripts of Jean-Paul sartre. Painter \ And dessau, all enamored of \Dissolution of the group after 8 years, when moretti obtains a contract with america. Accustomed to go paris in any sense, loaded with 15 kgs of material, he discovers in 1955. A revelation, where he decided to settle by buying in 1958 a \A garret on 7th floor street huysmans. Planted at the crossroads vavin, which will become his stronghold, his land of choice, his \He makes the street a \And that in all weather, rain, cold or snow .. shunned, snubbed by \In 1958, I planted my easel at the roundabout vavin, in this district of montparnasse. The painters came to see me and encourage me; p.

Armi them, the nicest, foujita, predicts. This boy will become a great painter ..

from the outset I appeared in the newspaper \The montparnos came to support mass studies of my landscapes, I painted in my first subject a small flower vendor (jeanne, for 30 years on the boulevard, figure of montparnasse) with his car of the 4 seasons. Which provided flowers for the still lifes of kisling among others. I sat down in front of the dome and formed a small republic with the newspaper vendor and the flower merchant; in this place that the outdoor painters had deserted, I could observe in one place.

My changes of state of mind, the changes of season, those of the district. When the florist died in 1967 I interrupted this character study. I frequented the big cafes of montparnasse: the dome, the dome, the rotunda, the closerie of the lilac, but also the small \Academies and workshops of painters. In 1965, baumann [the big neighborhood florist] contacted me, he had known othon-friesz.

That I appreciate for its dough violence that dazzle me .. mr baumann told me: the days of rain and cold, you can work at home ... I found myself at home and those days we could to see me in the window of baumann ... Dalian will remain the last bohemian painter of montparanasse, present during 45 years in these places.

His title of glory will be to appear in the menu of the rotunda, his name among those. Some of the biggest artistic celebrities in the neighborhood.

His favorite subjects outside montparnasse and his prestigious cafes are. The Luxembourg garden (the \In 1952 armand dalian accidentally meets the bursar of the guard room at the hospital bretonneau.

Who proposes to him to come to decorate l. A ward of young doctors. These frescoes and compositions are most often erotic or obscene, as is the tradition of secular ... Dalian feels curiously very comfortable in this universe (closed), he loves this work. In the middle of \He will move from one hospital to another for more than 30 years, in Broussais, Bichat, Saint-Louis. The sick children, necker, the salpetriere, etc ... The ward of the hospital laennec will occupy it alone for more than 15 years ..

all this of course in parallel with his usual presence and his activity as a painter in montparnasse. We find some of his frescoes reproduced in a book published by ramsay in the 80s.

And also on the internet on a site dedicated to the world of guard rooms. During his Dalian career will participate in various exhibitions. Antibes \In 1971 to the independents, to milan (mazzola), to mussidan (great expo). In an american gallery of long island in georgia.

At barbizon at ciprich, who orders small formats of paris landscapes. In 1978 at the salon lucie faure at the Bourbon Palace. In 1965, a fresco of 9m2 is commissioned by a grand pommel amateur of his paintings, to adorn the walls of one. Uses of lamotte-beuvron (destroyed today); in 1979 an order of another rich industrialist for his office (15m2 \Two dalian canvases can be found at the museum in new haven (usa).

And thousands more at French amateurs or around the world. In 1965 dalian meets in a bistro of the counterscarp. (in summer he leaves montparnasse to visit other districts).

They will not leave each other anymore .. Dalian even signing his latest dalian-morisot paintings. After the painter's death, Pascale Morisot spent 10 years classifying and ordering.

Transcribe (type) the various documents, drawings, notebooks, sketchbooks, left by the painter. And especially the extraordinary illustrated correspondence he sent him from 1965 to 1988.

And that we put on sale here in its entirety. Dalian as early as the 50's has become accustomed to sending illustrated mails to its closest friends, or amateurs.

This quantity of envelopes and letters illustrated with watercolor pen, are as many precious miniatures. Poetic or malicious, and the testimony of his life and his daily concerns. In the 60s he followed the bouscau lessons for three years: pen drawing and watercolor pen. In the same way, dalian sometimes illustrates his readings.

Pascale Morisot had carefully reproduced all of her correspondence, by far the most abundant and richest of all Armand Dalian correspondences; this one thanks to it is the subject of numerous albums reproducing the original letters (in colors, with care), and giving the typed version of the text. These albums (over forty) will be attached to the originals. As much for the beauty of the form as for its content. But to this day still.

For the knowledge of the work and the life of the painter. Pascale Morisot wanted to preserve its memory at all costs. She even deposited the statutes of an \Remained to my knowledge without further action, probably due to lack of time or funding. Without the tremendous work of pascale morisot, it would have been difficult for me to find myself. So much this work is abundant ..

since 1970 dalian undertakes watercolor notebooks, first for convenience in the travels he makes in italy, germany, portugal, and then in paris, moving in the city of day, by night. He also filled many school notebooks, notebooks evoking his many projects .. Intense, overabundant (more than 10,000 paintings sold according to his words). His financial life was difficult at times by his bias to recognize only art and his intransigence on this, his work in the sports street, always in the middle of a crowd of curious and amazed amateurs.

Of course I have not been able to provide below the photographs of all the letters, I remain at your disposal for any request for additional information .. the item \since Thursday, November 24, 2016.

It is in the category \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following country: France.

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    Armand Dalian Morisot 800 Illustrated Letters Painter Montparnasse 1965 Armenia    Armand Dalian Morisot 800 Illustrated Letters Painter Montparnasse 1965 Armenia